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The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Jakarta is a major urban center that has seen real estate prices shoot up as the country’s economy flourishes, it is also a huge, sprawling metropolis city, home to over 10 million people with diverse ethnic group backgrounds from all over Indonesia. Contemporary design is present in any corner due to the high demand of the society, thus luxury showrooms are a must-have and a must-stop whilst in the city. Here are the best design showrooms in Jakarta.

#1 – Arbor & Troy

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

If you favor American contemporary style in elegant, muted colors, Arbor & Troy is the perfect choice for you. With a variety of collections, you’ll be sure to find the right pieces for your luxury home.

#2 – Bika

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

After being established in 1975, Bika has become one of Indonesia’s leading furniture brands, having provided lighting and luxury furniture for both residential and commercial establishments all over the country.

#3 – Box Living Flagship Store

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

These are pieces you will find nowhere else. They are the result of the vision and passion of two extraordinarily talented architects and designers – Maya and Marcel.

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

#4 – Galleria

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

The name Galleria comes from the Italian language which means “Gallery” or “Arcade, meaning a showroom displaying artistic products arranged beautifully in its every detail. Inspired by this philosophy, Galleria now focuses on creating a boutique experience where every object is always displayed with the context in mind so that anyone coming in is inspired to design spaces that are pleasant and life-nourishing. One of Jakarta’s best luxury showrooms!

#5 – Home Decor Indonesia

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Home Decor Indonesia was first launched in 1992 and has been known for its solid reputation for delivering design and quality of the highest standard.

#6 – Iwan Tirta Home

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

For those who yearn to explore Indonesian heritage and want to incorporate batik and local design elements into their home, it’s best to check out Iwan Tirta Home.

#7 – KLOTS Home Furnishing

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

At KLOTS Home Furnishing, they believe that decorating your living space appropriately should be a priority. Whether your taste is more classic or contemporary, there you’ll find an eclectic mix of both that promise to give a cutting-edge yet elegant ambiance to your dream home.

#8 – Ku Casa

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Ku Casa was founded in 2013 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The inspiration for their design is the ‘golden age’ of modernism from the 1950s through to the post-modernism of the 1980s.

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#9 – Lifetime Design

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Starting from the spirit of realizing the interior of your dreams, Lifetime Design is one of the best classic modern interior construction and consulting services providers in Indonesia.

#10 – Luxury Italy

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

For several years now, Luxury Italy has been delivering the most innovative and beautiful high-end furniture from Italy. Constantly maintaining a very high standard, they believe to have set the bar quite high and able to meet customers’ expectations of luxurious living.

#11 – Luxury Living Group

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Luxury Living Group develops, produces, and distributes handmade high-end Italian furniture collections: FENDI Casa, Bentley Home, Bugatti Home, Trussardi, etc.

#12 – Malinda Furniture Gallery

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Malinda Furniture Gallery was established on August 8th, 2000, which was located on the 3rd floor Jakarta Design Center and occupies 180sqm. They started as a retail home furnishing supplier with only 4 furniture brands from the USA. Today they have 6 showrooms across Indonesia.

#13 – Minotti Jakarta

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

The decor of the space, with its contemporary vibe, enhances an elegant area characterized by an interesting combination of textures and colors.

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#14 – MOIE

For 25 years, MOIE has been home to the world’s most celebrated interior lifestyle brands. Catering an all-inclusive experience to our clientele, they provide a comprehensive lifestyle collection from furniture, kitchen, walk-in closet, doors, partitions, and accessories.

#15 – Poliform Jakarta

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Poliform is currently a leading player on the international furniture scene. The highly successful result of adventurous enterprise, the company has always based its vision on the search for quality by updating its lines in keeping with all that is good in contemporary lifestyle trends.

#16 – Prodotti

Established in 2013, PT. Prodotti Indonesia (“Prodotti Indonesia”) is an integrated luxury furniture retail network company. Prodotti Indonesia’s goal is to become the most prestigious and comprehensive international luxury furniture firm in Indonesia.

#17 – Promemoria

Promemoria is an Italian high-end furniture company that has always pursued the highest quality standards, combining impeccable craftsmanship techniques with sublime design.

#18 – Saniharto Enggalhardjo

Created by the four Enggalhardjo brothers, Santoso, Yani, Harsono and Winarto (which forms the word Saniharto), this furniture brand is one of the world’s leading furniture manufacturers and creates incredible, high-quality local furniture in different styles and finishes.

#19 – Vinoti Living

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

With many branches scattered around Jakarta, Vinoti Living is one of the city’s most well-known furniture stores. Their comprehensive selection of sleek home furnishings and exquisite decorations are inspired by Indonesian and Chinese sensibilities and are locally handcrafted to the highest quality.

#20 – Vivere

The Best Design Showrooms In Jakarta

Founded by Dedy Rochimat in 2003, Vivere is a lifestyle brand that provides a wide array of interior design pieces for your home. Their home furniture and accessories brand is called Vivere Collection which features contemporary furniture with an Asian touch.

Any design showrooms in Jakarta missing from this list?


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