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Designer Touches: Modern Interior Design with a Personal Touch

Looking for modern interior design with a personal touch? We have a match – it’s called Designer Touches – and we will tell you all about it. Brought to you by Mary Georgiou, the creative mind behind this firm, Designer Touches provides contemporary aesthetics and sensory experiences when it comes to luxury interiors. Stay tuned and have a look!

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With Designer Touches, elegance never goes out of style. Narrating the space and telling its story is what Mary Georgiou and her team are best at – their interiors seem to bring the luxurious vibe in any home decor and, at the same time, give a certain feeling of comfort and peacefulness all around. Lovely, indeed!

    From interior design, project management and consultancy services to furniture and lighting design, Designer Touches will always have the perfect solution for your projects. Look no further – the most amazing residential interiors are in front of you! Visit Designer Touches’ website here and see for yourself!

    “Our personal yet professional approach ensures that our design service is tailor-made to meet each of our individual client’s needs, creating luxurious homes that are both beautiful yet practical. This design philosophy has led us to craft many exquisite interior spaces for our UK and international clients. Our design approach to all of our projects is the combination between luxurious style and effortless elegance.” – Mary Georgiou, Founder and Principle Designer

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