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The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

Jeddah is a city located in the region of Saudi Arabia and it is the largest city in Makkah Province. In today’s article, we are going to talk about the best interior design projects in JeddahHave a look and let the inspiration flow!

#1 – Jeddah Hilton by 1st For Decoration

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

1st For Decoration specializes in managing the full lifecycle of the renovation process, from creative decoration and furnishing to post-completion aftercare. The interior design of the Jeddah Hilton Hotel is amazing and yes, it was done by 1stFor Decoration. Is there any better way to discover this wonderful city than by staying in one of its finest hotels?

#2 – Private Villa by RIS Group

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

Designed for a client with an extremely exquisite taste, this private villa houses some of the biggest names in the furniture industry. The RIS team was responsible for completely furnishing the villa as well as redesigning the washrooms. By keeping the walls and flooring simple, all the focus was brought on to the furnishing and paintings in the villa. This created a very subtle yet chic atmosphere throughout the space.

#3 – Diriyah Residence by Majed Harasani Architects

Majed Harasani Architects

The Diriyah Residence is stunning on the outside and even more stunning indoors. Majed Harasani Architects has bold concepts, proven delivery methods, and a passion for fine detail. Their studio will create a project to match their customer expectations. Their main goal is for the client to be “equally proud to design, plan and realize your ambition too”.

#4 – Al Muhaidib Contracting HQ by SK-Touch

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

Al Muhaidib Group has interests in firms supplying main contracting and sub-contracting services and operates fully to meet the requirements of this demand. Al-Muhaidib Trading and Contracting is well equipped to undertake large contracting projects on behalf of its customers such as Saudi Aramco and other large organizations. SK-Touch‘s interior design team was given the chance to design the main lobby of this company which is the front image of the Al Muhaidib group.

#5 – Residential Project by GRID Design

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

We all love living in color, right? This beautiful living room is proof of how a colorful approach can make a big impact in our lives. Brought to you by GRID Design, this firm is known for offering innovative, custom design solutions for every lifestyle. Their main goal is to integrate beauty with a functional space.

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#6 – RIS Villa by RIS Group

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

A complete renovation project, designed by Rawan AlSahsah, her villa is the essence of what RIS Design is. With her extremely exquisite taste in just about everything, every little detail from the floor to the ceiling was hand-picked and customized. By mixing different styles and materials, she was able to create a space that is very subtle yet keeps volume about her abilities. To completely re-design the interior of the villa, an entirely new concept was implemented. The mixing of different styles helped create spaces that were bold and chic, the mix of colors brought a sense of freshness and femininity.

#7 – Residential Project by 2D Interior Design Studio

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

2D Interior Design Studio has a unique revolutionary vision – to create stylish, innovative environments with design simplicity and elegance that make a positive statement about their clients. This entryway/living room has that abstract meets luxury touch we find so irresistible! What do you think?

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#8 – Toshiba Headquarters (ALJO) by RIS Group

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

The RIS team was in charge of the complete design and execution for the offices of the electronic sector of ALJ.  Located on Rawdah St, the design objective was to create a fresh and modern atmosphere, inspired by the New York loft style. Following an open plan, the use of raw materials such as wood and red bricks brought a natural feel to the space. The offices were designed to encourage communication and increase productivity.

In Riyadh

#9 – Private Villa by 4A Architects

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

4A Architects aspires to exceed expectations, create unique experiences, and ensures that every detail is designed to respond to the client’s needs. The neo-classical style created with contemporary furniture emphasizes the double-height of this living room, making anyone feel welcome. Lovely!

#10 – Private Residence by FN Design

The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah

FN Design is also one of the richest interior design companies in Riyadh, providing interior design consultancy in Saudi Arabia. These design consultancy services began with the corporate and residential markets and have further developed into hospitality and retail markets too. This living room feels effortlessly luxurious, comfortable, and chic.

Any interior design projects in Jeddah we missed? Let us know!


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The Best Inteiror Design Projects In Jeddah


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