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Thad Hayes Inc: When History, Craft, Culture And Concept Blend Indoors

Thad Hayes Inc: When History, Craft, Culture And Concept Blend Indoors

Thad Hayes Inc is a New York-based Interior Design practice that focuses on incorporating History, Craft, Culture and Concept into spaces that reflect the way we live today. Their work is solution-based, an approach that often relies on simple bold gestures that root the design to architecture giving each project a sense of solidity and serenity. Stay tuned!

Thad Hayes Inc: When History, Craft, Culture And Concept Blend Indoors

Designs are conceptualized to balance simple, clean forms with warm, textured, historical ones often weaving a story or dialogue of periods. At Thad Hayes Inc, they feel strongly that bringing the past to the present enriches and enlivens our spaces and contributes to a larger narrative.

They work with the finest artisans and craftsmen, relationships that span decades, to produce fabrics, furniture, lighting and site specific installations that enrich their works and form links between Man, Art and Nature.

Each project is conceived individually and relies on client and team collaboration, context, program, inspiration and thoughtful sensitivity. The goal has always been to build rooms, houses and structures that are simple, purposeful, functional and relevant. Spaces that set the stage for Thad Hayes Inc’s clients to create memorable and lasting experiences.


Explosion Suspension Lamp by Luxxu

Explosion is reminiscent of the vast cosmos of modern lighting designs. With a high prestige and a revivalist attitude, this piece salutes the Sputnik. A strong attention to mighty and luxury detail is reflected in the numerous slim gold plated brass and crystal arms that orbit around a center sphere.


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