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Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd: The Perfect Interior Design Harmony Is Here

Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd: The Perfect Interior Design Harmony Is Here

Design Groups are trendsetters, and, at the same time, they defy what’s normative. New York is the home of some of the greatest design groups on Earth. The ever-evolving city has a fast pace that defies every designer which is why the city is the main stage in the world of design, and design groups play one of the main roles. From hotels to restaurants, from private houses to home offices, these design groups are responsible for amazing interior design projects. We bring you what we consider to be some of the best design groups in New York City and today is Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd’s turn!

Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd: The Perfect Interior Design Harmony Is Here

A small office turned into a renowned design group, Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd was founded in 2006 in New York City. Now with offices in both New York and London, the design group has been involved in countless interior design projects from residential to commercial, all of them executed considering a very particular design vision and a great attention to detail. Their method is incredibly strategic, and they have a very contemporary approach when it comes to design.

One of their most unique interior design projects in retail is the Delfina Delettrez Boutique. The design respects the concept of the brand and it is the epitome of luxury. With a clear Italian influence, the mirrored space reflects the jewelry’s glint, creating an infinite and truly sophisticated space. The strong colors and the high-end furnishings give the space an even more refined tone. A design inspiration for any jewelry boutique.

When it comes to residential projects, the design group is unmatched. Two examples are the Glebe Place Residence in London and the Greenwich Residence in New York.

The Glebe Place Residence is a very ambitious interior design project, as it combines the traditional and the contemporary. Classic and modern go hand in hand in this particular concept, and the results could not be better, a timeless environment was created. There is luxury in every corner. The restrained palette is elevated using strong materials, spots of vibrant tones and the use of high-end designer furniture. A design inspiration and a feast for all senses.


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Another breathtaking residential project by the design group is the Greenwich Residence in New York. Light and luxury are the two keywords when it comes to this project. Contemporary art and furniture capture one’s attention and elevates the quite neutral palette. There are details in every corner and the use of wallpaper and art installations make the Greenwich Residence much more than a penthouse. The large apartment feels almost like an intimate gallery and one could dream of living in such a place.

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The Nike 45 Grand is one of the design group’s most unique projects. The former repair shop was turned into a private fitness center and it is probably one of the most iconic gyms in the world. The contemporary design is truly unique and almost futuristic, however, the comfort and services required are all present. The design group did an amazing job creating this space and it is undoubtedly a design inspiration.

Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd. are incredibly versatile. They can conceive something contemporary and futuristic and, at the same time, create matchless sophisticated spaces. Their vision is remarkable and their interior design projects are one-of-a-kind, and that is why Rafael de Cárdenas Ltd. are one of the best design groups in the world.


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