Modern Fireplaces For Your Modern Living Room

The Winter is here but we know how to keep you warm and cozy in the comfort of your living room. The modern fireplaces we are about to show you create a soulful atmosphere that relies on nothing but contemporary design and insightful craftsmanship. Come with us and we will show you the way to exclusive ambiances where the fireplace is the main character. We hope you enjoy!

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Musa, historically known as the richest individual to have set foot on Earth, was an emperor the Mali Empire. The Musa fireplace takes after all the wealth and boldness of his empire. The way this fireplace conquers the space with its brass structure together with the strength present in its flames.


This flower shaped Bloom fireplace has, in its core, all the strength and will to push forward and evolve, turning itself into something bigger and beautiful. Bloomwith its steel body, represents the epitome of beauty and an exclusive design that will make you fall in love. That’s all you need.


The drilled shape of this piece calls on the great mine of Grasberg, which is the Holy Grail of the mining world. The Grasberg firepit is an achievement, meeting the perfect balance between a luxury item and a fireplace to light up your life. May your home decor shine forever.


This volcano shaped wall firepit represents the natural phenomenon of an eruption trough its rough looking steel structure and its chimney-like firebox. The electrical fire, together with the heating system, makes the Eruption wall fire a perfect fit for any environment willing to stand out among the others.


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