Top Living Room Rugs You Will Fall In Love With (Part V)

The details are probably the most powerful thing about interior design. This being said, we are proudly introducing you to our favorite living room rugs. Synonym with luxury, craftsmanship and contemporary design, we are pretty sure you will fall in love with these beauties. This is the fifth and final part of Top Living Room Rugs You Will Fall In Love With. Let’s have a look!

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The Medusa rug takes inspiration from the deep, dark oceans and all the species that we can find in our way. Medusa is the reflection of modern interior design when it goes bespoke and exclusive. Place it in your living room and feel the boldness flowing all around.


The Habibib rug is a splash of color right in the center of your home decor. First, it was a traditional rug. Then, it suddenly went all contemporary. There’s some Pollock‘s influence through the whole thing and you know there’s nothing like artsy details made exclusively for you.


The Couple rug is a bold graphic design and a creation without limits – we have developed a very coherent collection where we can show this through noble materials, graphics and different, unusual patterns. A 100% handmade product that will transform the comfort and beauty of your project.


Those who love sculptural and timeless art, who love history and the stories that remain in time, must certainly love this rug. It was inspired by the Roman Carytical and the final result is this mind-bending, psychedelic design. It gives way to a flood of light, as abundant and magnificent that makes you feel alive.


To finish the list, we bring you the majestic Savana rug. Fauna meets flora in this impressive living room rug and it is surely an iconic luxury design element. Inspiration is a very subtle thing and these rugs translate inspiring concepts through powerful designs. As inventive as it gets.


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