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Charles Zana: Interior Design Projects Full of Art and Storytelling

Charles Zana: Interior Design Projects Full of Art and Storytelling

With 30 years of experience, the teamwork on exceptional projects around the world. Charles Zana‘s studio boasts international expertise in both residential and commercial projects (boutiques, hotels & restaurants), scenography and design. Charles Zana works closely with his craftsmen on his line of furniture, creating unique pieces for individual projects as well as commercial pieces made from the highest quality materials and luxurious fabrics. Zana’s wider team is composed of skilled collaborators: specialist artisans and master craftsmen, lighting designers, landscape designers, stonemasons and more.

Grenelle, Paris

Hidden in an 18th-century hotel particulier, Charles Zana’s private apartment reveals all its secrets. Coated in sage green, every room is punctuated with objects and pieces of furniture from eras that have nothing in common. Charles Zana has always liked to intersect various periods. From well-known Italian designers from the post-war era to the spirit of Enlightenment, the French interior designer prefers a subtle luxury and understated lines.

Hôtel Saint Barthélemy

Quai de la Tournelle, Paris

Charles Zana creates a unique contemporary decor in an old 17th-century Parisian private mansion. He includes several art pieces by the sculptor Danh Vo or designers such as Johanna Grawunder. For the occasion, Charles Zana has also designed two metal console tables.

Ranelagh, Paris

Charles Zana agency thought of this apartment as a mix of classic and modern codes. The graphic theme: white, black and grey. The volumes frame a collection of design and art.

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Utopia, Paris

Along with Tornabuoni Art gallery, Charles Zana imagined Utopia exhibition as a walk-through Italian art and architecture from the post-war era: Gino Sarfatti and Paolo Scheggi, Carlo Scarpa and Dadamaino, Enrico Castellani and Nanda Vigo, Michele De Lucchi and Alberto Burri… many artists and works that mirror each other, and question the same vision of time, the same concern for the place of man in the world, the same relationship with the profane and the sacred.

Hôtel Lou Pinet, Saint Tropez

The essence of natural light within the project inspired Charles Zana for the interiors of the Hotel Lou Pinet to bring sophistication and intimacy to each space. With a taste for elegance, inspired by artists such as Matisse, Calder and Picasso, Hotel Lou Pinet’s decor features numerous period pieces from this era in addition to drawing on Provence’s tremendous decorative arts heritage, from glasswork to ceramics.


Otter Sofa by Brabbu

Inspired by the nature of this animal, the Otter sofa can adapt to any room and be an integral part of your interior design. Its round shapes transmit both comfort as well as grandiosity, whether it is placed in a modern living room or a comfortable home cinema area.


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