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A Different Heritage Sideboard at Cococo St. Petersburg

A Different Heritage Sideboard at Cococo St Petersburg

by André Martins

Cococo St. Petersburg is a restaurant that represents a new Era for Russian cuisine. Open since 2012, this restaurant cleverly mixes modern technologies, traditional Russian cuisine ingredients and childhood memories of different flavors. Besides this appealing proposal, Cococo is also known for its luxury design and a different Heritage sideboard is at the center of it all. Let’s have a look!

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Cococo has reached some serious heights – it became a tourist attraction and a reason to visit St. Petersburg. Igor Grishechkin, the Chef, is a brave innovator and an ironic experimentator, working with seasonal products, cooking what was gathered, caught and produced in the North-West region of Russia in every particular season.

A Different Heritage Sideboard at Cococo St. Petersburg

As you can see, the food is not the only thing Cococo is known for. Here, there’s an atmosphere where bespoke design takes place through impressive furniture, lighting and accessories. In the picture above we can see the Nº 20 bar chair, the Nanook dining chair and the Root mirror, but we must admit that the Heritage sideboard is the shiniest star in the whole restaurant.

A Different Heritage Sideboard at Cococo St. Petersburg

This sideboard is synonym with exclusive design. Why? Because it’s fully customized to tell a different story, capturing the essence of the city through elements typically associated with Russian culture. A splash of color invades the restaurant with this sideboard, setting the tone for a visually rich and picturesque atmosphere. Lovely.

A Different Heritage Sideboard at Cococo St. Petersburg

Cococo is the ultimate proof that furniture can go conceptual and artistic. In a world where everything is a copy of another copy, we bless Cococo for its forward-thinking attitude – fine dining restaurants never looked so marvelous and exciting. If you’re around, please visit it!


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A Different Heritage Sideboard at Cococo St. Petersburg


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