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A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

Miami is one of the most lavishing metropolia not only in North America but in the world. Vice City’s lifestyle is long desired by a multitude of people around the world and heavily celebrated in the city. The design world has always had a tight bond with Miami, so it only would be natural that some of interior design’s biggest talents are based in the Vice City. Keep reading and discover our curated selection of interior designers from Miami!

#1 – Adriana Hoyos

A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

Adriana Hoyos is undoubtedly one of the most renowned furniture designers in the world. Born in Colombia and raised in Ecuador, Mrs. Hoyos had always an inclination towards design and a very strong passion for furniture and interior decoration. Her work shows her Latin heritage. Both her furniture and interior designs are made with dark, vibrant colors and she uses colored woods and exotic materials in most of the pieces.

#2 – Hino Design Studio

Hino Studio is a Miami-based interior design firm founded in 2000 by Carola Hinojosa. Focused on masterful proportions, luxurious materials, and meticulous detailing, Hino Studio’s projects are recognized by the impeccable results. As Interior Designers, their detail-oriented approach leads to designing each space with intention and purpose. In each project, the Interior Architecture of a space is carefully considered and then complemented with custom millwork, curated artwork, and decorative elements.

A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

#3 – Imperial Interiors

A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

Imperial Interiors, a newly opened exciting luxury lifestyle showroom in Miami, proudly presents three leading Italian interior design houses Roberto Cavalli Home, Gianfranco Ferrè Home and La Murrina Murano. The beautifully decorated space and elegant atmosphere of the showroom accentuate spectacular pieces from the latest collections of exquisite furniture, lighting, accessories, tableware and bedding. The unsurpassed quality and unique design of every product from these top-of-the-line brands are truly the epitome of creativity and craftsmanship, that the Italian handmade goods are known for all over the world.

#4 – Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design

A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

For over two decades, Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design has been providing unique, creative and innovative design solutions to renowned clients internationally and domestically in Hospitality, Retail and high-rise Residential developments. To date, Kobi Karp Architecture and Interior Design has designed over 36 billion in mixed-use Commercial, Residential and Multifamily properties worldwide from the Caribbean, to the Far East, to the Black Sea region, throughout the Gulf and the Middle East.

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#5 – Maritza Capiro Designs Corp

A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

Maritza Capiro creates living spaces that are modern, timeless, and elegant – long-term solutions that also increase the value of your home. Luxury interior design is about creating a relaxing and dependable experience that feels effortless and enjoyable. The design of one’s home should stand the test of time, and Maritza Capiro works closely with her clients to create homes they can enjoy for many years to come.

#6 – UZCA

A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami

UZCA is a design firm that shares a great selection of furnishings and accessories, in order to bring their clients an incredible level of style and taste, as well as with their exquisite and unique projects. They offer beautiful individualized spaces characterized by the most modern and innovative design concepts, specializing in turnkey projects. It’s the alchemy between design and architecture that makes this firm so sought after.

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A Curated Selection Of Inteiror Designers From Miami


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