Top Living Room Rugs You Will Fall In Love With (Part IV)

The details are probably the most powerful thing about interior design. This being said, we are proudly introducing you to our favorite living room rugs. Synonym luxury, craftsmanship and contemporary design, we are pretty sure you will fall in love with these beauties. This is the fourth part of Top Living Room Rugs You Will Fall In Love With.

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Sometimes all we need in our living room is a little splash of color. Through all those geometric lines we get a certain feeling of freedom provided by the unpredictable chromatic detail that follows a dreamy yet realistic atmosphere. Looks simply beautiful.


Now an impressive rug that comes from deep space. Pluto will enlight your living room design with its modern, artsy vibe. The dwarf planet gives way to hugely attractive decor ambiances you will be able to enjoy in the comfort of your living space with the ones you love the most.



Nature is wild and dangerous, but always charming. The Snake rug embodies this idea and adds a minimal touch that transforms the whole piece into an exclusive design icon. Some things were made to feel special and this rug is part of that for sure.


The Musk rug looks like it is breathing influences from Mark Rothko. Minimalist and expansive in equal doses, it surely fits the painter’s abstract expressionism. Place it in a modern living room setting and you will see what magic is all about.


Interior design is all a matter of perspective and so is this rug. Vase brings an atmosphere that supports itself on one’s point of view, almost like an architectural masterwork. Luxury means not being vulgar and if you’re looking for out of the box designs, look no further.


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