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The Symphony Of Luxury By Boca Do Lobo

If you want to be taken to places you’ve never been before, we just found the perfect match for you. It’s called Symphony and it’s a sideboard made by Boca do Lobo. We wish you a good journey through the paths of design, art and luxury.

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This sideboard is music for your ears. More than simple sounds, it tells you a story. Feel free to get lost in the soundscape as we unveil one of our favorite sideboards from one of our favorite brands in the world.


The Symphony Of Luxury By Boca Do Lobo

As you can see, the Symphony sideboard draws inspiration from church organ tubes, as well as the curves of a violin. You know Boca do Lobo is always looking for the most sophisticated combinations. Once again, they go sublime and magnificent.

The Symphony Of Luxury By Boca Do Lobo

Although it seems minimalistic at first glance, it’s hard not to notice the amount of detail present on this majestic sideboard. Keep looking and you will find a whole new world of emotions, sensations and memories. Distinction through elegance is the process here.

The Symphony Of Luxury By Boca Do Lobo

Symphony is made by experienced craftsmen who have been mastering their arts for years. From the metal-working to the wood carving, it’s impossible not to fall in love with the final result. A harmonious rhythm is created by the cluster of polished brass tubes and the exotic wood structure.

The Symphony Of Luxury By Boca Do Lobo

Vision is surely something that was born within the brand, from the very beginning to the present days. Classic elements and contemporary designs make this sideboard an essential addition to your home decor. Sounds can be ephemeral but beauty will stay forever.

The Symphony Of Luxury By Boca Do Lobo\\

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