New Living Room Designs (Part II)

New designs don’t have to be all about old ideas. In order to keep your home decor trendy and exclusive, we present you living room designs that blend a contemporary vision and a curated character. The future of interior design is here so dare yourself and feel free to be inspired!

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Waltz Bookcase

Here’s a timeless bookcase that is bound to be the ultimate living room trendsetter. The Waltz bookcase brings the refined elegance you were looking for so long without forgetting the powerful side of simple things. Clear and authentic, every detail shines brightly.


Pixel Walnut Root Cabinet

A different approach to the beloved Pixel cabinet resulted in a bold, striking, magnificent piece of furniture. Pixel’s colorful character was replaced by warm neutral tones that truly defy all the expectations. A mellow, homely vibe is coming to you.

Oslo Rug

The Oslo rug is a textured, minimalist, soothing piece of contemporary design. In fact, the most thrilling designs have this particular characteristic – to be one with the space itself as an organic extension to the whole atmosphere. It feels dynamic and uniform at the same time.

Mira(age) Cabinet

One of our absolute favorites, the Mira(age) cabinet is proof that new designs don’t have to be all about old ideas. Different materials and techniques led to this cabinet that praises the powerful culmination of emotions and self-expression. We love it!

Marco Armchair

Retro and vintage-inspired designs also have a place on our list. The Marco armchair is an innovative mid-century modern design that is influenced by both the past and the future. It’s all about being balanced, elegant and glamorous.


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