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Modern Apartment In NYC: A Neutral Take On Luxury Living Rooms

Modern Apartment In NYC: A Neutral Take On Luxury Living Rooms

Covet House strikes another home run with an unbelievable luxury interior design, where neutrality and serene aesthetics distance itself from the busy and always-on-the-run way of life of the city that never sleeps. The fourth house in a series of curated designed spaces, this time is bringing to life a luxury apartment worthy of the cosmopolitan and fast-paced lifestyle of one of the most coveted cities in the world: New York City. Located at the epicenter of Manhattan, where The Plaza District meets Central Park, often referred to as “Billionaire’s Row”, is the setting for this ultimate opulent experience where design meets luxury in a marvelous combination of furniturelighting and accessories. Welcome and feel the elegance of one of the best luxury living rooms we’ve ever laid our eyes on!


As you walk through the main hallway you’ll find yourself into an open space area that’s just completely astonishing. Merging both the living and dining room, this spectacular area uses mainly three colors: Beiges, golds, and hues of brown. Complementing the 180º view of the city, the wide windows and open space create an illusion of the city being into the room itself. The golden finishes of the furniture lighting and accessories resemble the nightlife of the city that never sleeps.


Florence Stool by Essential Home

Florence is a low stool both fun and practical. It has a somewhat cylindrical shape and a cushioned seat upholstered in velvet fabric, creating a soft and comfortable solution for your living room. Its base is made of polished brass, so it boosts some gold details over its trendy pastel colors available in the customization.

Sugar Rug by Caffe Latte Home

The Sugar rug is about to bring a sweetened essence to the center of your home decor. Simple yet conceptual, the Sugar rug is made from botanic silk and, due to its neutral nature, has a very singular capability to fit into any interior design style. The irresistible minimal design touch you’ve been looking for is here.

Modern Apartment In NYC: A Neutral Take On Luxury Living Rooms

Modern Apartment In NYC: A Neutral Take On Luxury Living Rooms

Eden Center Table by Boca do Lobo

The Eden center table uses the highest quality materials, giving them shapes that create a cosmopolitan yet artsy atmosphereWe believe interior design is the art of fulfilling souls with feelings and emotions. Let the journey begin.

Milenio Sofa by Caffe Latte Home

An ultimate statement piece, yielding an impressive length and modular capability, yet still very with a very subtle and soothing design. The Milenio sofa takes its name from the Milenio coffee variety, a plant that emerges in great heights and very well-known adaptability, making this sofa the perfect parallel of it. With a blend of huestextures and materials, and with over 7 modules to change around, the circular modular is the piece that creates the character of the overall sofa, creating a distinctively modern and rich component to your living room.


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