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Kelly Hoppen: Neutral Tones, Clean Lines and Bespoke Interiors

Kelly Hoppen is an echo for eternity to all of those who are passionate about interior design. With a unique signature style and over 40 years of experience, Kelly Hoppen is surely an icon and one of the most celebrated interior designers in the world. Through the years she has received multiple awards, been featured in numerous publications and collaborated with several selected brands. Let’s meet Kelly Hoppen!

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Kelly Hoppen is known for this idea of giving the most personalized and proper interiors for the client’s lifestyle. Besides being one of the most inspiring women that have ever lived, she’s also a true symbol of contemporary and luxury design. Neutral tones, clean lines and a fusion of East meets West is a good way to describe her famous style. She tries to tell us stories with nothing but lightingfurniture and other decor elements.

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    Kelly Hoppen is also an author, entrepreneur and proprietor of her own design company – Kelly Hoppen Interiors. There’s a sense of a timeless feeling of delight and peace of mind when we look at her decor ambiances and it doesn’t matter if she’s working with residential or hospitality projects – the end result will always be mind-blowing. Bespoke design is all about this.

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    Designing is about knowing you have that passion”, says Kelly Hoppen. “A home should be where you feel joy and happiness. It should feel like your own space, reflective of the spirit, life and loves of the people who live there”. We couldn’t have said it any better!

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