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Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part VIII)

Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part VIII)

A good hall design always sets the tone for a home and truly represents and defines your aesthetic. First impressions last long and that’s why you should never underestimate the power of an entryway. Have a look and discover how to create a welcoming, memorable hallway!


With many designs fitting both uses, the console table is actually one of the most sought-after pieces, thanks for its vast utility. An essential piece, which can be found in virtually any household division. For us, Monochrome is a favorite.


contemporary console table

With a finish in gold leaf and a gloss varnish, this modern console table will give a unique character to any setting. Nature is supremacy, freedom and artistry – all at the same time. Enhance what’s already good and make it the best with Ardara.


Introduce a modern rustic touch to your outdoor area by adding barn-like sliding doors and then further enhance its design by placing a decorative hardware piece, like the Baruka Door Pull.


Pullcast knows that details make the design. Even in the outdoor, there are design trends and key items you need to know to elevate your designs! Feel free to get inspired!


Does your console table need proper lighting to be able to fully bloom? Look no further! Made of gold plated brass, the Cyrus Table Lamp casts a soft golden glow, giving a twist to any modern interior design.


mid-century sideboard

Neutrals colors, soft textures, a mid-century icon? Yes, that’s Franco. This sideboard is supported by four legs with polished brass tips, which is also present on the drawer handles, and displays rattan grills on the sides instantly evoking nature.


 Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part VII)


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