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Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards

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by Bruno Silva

Art Deco Retro Vibe is glamorous and vintage in equal doses, evoking glorious times in a modern way. Clean lines meet pastel colors and what follows is a story with a happy ending. Going back to the past with a foot in the present (or the future) is now possible… with these sideboards!

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Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards

Dandy is a sleek and stylish wooden sideboard. Its body is entirely made of solid walnut wood and it resembles a kitsch radio, because of its shape and the use of grill cloth on the doors. It is accented by a brass trim on the body edges and supported by tapered legs with brass ferrules.

Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards


Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards

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Monocles is built entirely out of solid walnut wood, accented by its gold-plated brass doors. The circles are engraved to the back and side of the unit, giving it an extreme character and high-end look. This sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture for retro lovers or mid-century admirers.

Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards


Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards

Kahn is a sideboard that will bring a strong presence to your living room. Inspired by the monumental and monolithic style of Louis Kahn, it is produced in black poplar, a type of cottonwood, and brass trims that are laid out symmetrically to provide an overall sense of unity and form. The wooden interior is glazed with a soft caramel tone producing a gorgeous effect as you open its drawers.

Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards


Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards

Stunningly produced in solid walnut wood, the Anthony sideboard is topped by white polished marble and supported by brass square feet. It brings a playful geometric pattern on its doors, accented by its rounded edges and the brass trim all over the body. Eyes on the future with a foot in the past?

Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards


Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards

mid-century sideboard with an Art Deco inspiration, Vincent is a timeless example of good taste. With a white marble base and a body handmade in solid walnut, it is the amount of detail that went into building this mid-century credenza that makes it unique. This modern sideboard would look great in an Art Deco living room, as well as a modern dining room with a classic twist.

Art Deco Retro Vibe: The Sideboards


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