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Alberto Pinto: A Legendary Designer Whose Legacy Carries On

Alberto Pinto: A Legendary Designer Whose Legacy Carries On

Alberto Pinto is a legendary figure in the decoration world, having built his work on eclecticism and flawlessly designed, influenced by various cultural backgrounds. Alberto Pinto applied the eclectic tastes of his international clientele by adjusting his decor to the desires of each client, adding an extra elegance that creates balance in opulence. Today, Cabinet Alberto Pinto is considered one of the top design studios in France and, by maintaining this status, it has honored Alberto Pinto’s memory and legacy.

Alberto Pinto borrowed a lot from various cultural influences since his earliest childhood. As an inescapable actor of interior design, he has built his works on the interbreeding and mixture of genders from more than baroque to less than bare.

Refusing to conceive narrow and closed universes, he naturally oriented himself towards big projects. Used to rising to challenges that would scare others away, he particularly appreciated being given gigantic spaces in which he put together styles and very different periods in always perfect harmony.

The Cabinet Alberto Pinto, founded by his sister Linda Pinto, continues Alberto’s legacy. Eclecticism, the luxury of details and refinement are always the keywords when it comes to creating universes for its prestigious clients around the world – from residential to commercial to contract projects, the studio covers all grounds.

The wide color palette of the Cabinet Alberto Pinto‘s style reflects the imprint of varied cultural influence, bringing together the old and the modern with harmony and adapts to the most intimate places as well as large spaces – both private and public.


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