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A Touch Of Playfulness In Cristina Celestino’s Interior Designs

A Touch Of Playfulness In Cristina Celestino's Interior Designs

Cristina Celestino was born in 1980 in Pordenone. In 2005, after graduating from the School of Architecture at IUAV University of Venice, she worked with prestigious design studios, focusing on interior architecture and design. In 2009 she moved to Milan, founding two years later her brand Attico Design. In 2013 she opened her own design studio. On the occasion of DesignMiami 2016, Cristina designed “The Happy Room” collection for Fendi. As a designer and architect, Cristina Celestino creates exclusive projects for private clients and companies. Stay tuned!

The Pink Closet

An exquisite element joins the spaces that already make up Palazzo Avino: The Pink Closet. In the magical atmosphere of the historic dwelling perched on the picturesque cliffs of Ravello, an exclusive boutique designed by the architect Cristina Celestino is opening. The boutique stands a few yards from the hotel entrance and access is through a store window looking onto the street. After you cross the threshold, the perception is that of being in a contemporary grotto, with shadows of the sea that fade out in the depths. In a setting of dusty pink that characterizes the walls and the high ceilings with a soaring cross vault, on the floor inlaid polychromatic marble stands out, recreating the changing shades of the seabed: from the tones of aquamarine green to liberty green and to Aegean pink.

Palazzo Avino

After a year from the opening of the Pink Closet boutique, the designer creates a new project for the interiors of one of the most impressive hotels on the Amalfi Coast. The dramatic hotel in Ravello is perched on the hills overlooking the Amalfi coastline. A dream hotel inside a building from the 12th century, which reopens this year by presenting the new Capsule Collection by Cristina Celestino, an interior design project that involves some of the facility’s most important rooms and suites – including the Belvedere suite, with a terrace facing the sea and a private swimming pool. The key element – since this is a hotel – is the bed: placed against a slightly concave wall that encloses it like a shell, it has a textile headboard that forms soft curves, with a cantilevered arrangement.

28 Posti

28 Posti is 6 years old and feels the need to redesign its interior to make it even more welcoming, without distorting its convivial and relaxed atmosphere and its stylistic features related to the concepts of authenticity, material, simplicity, and origin. Cristina Celestino was called upon to think up and design an interior that is in continuity with the imagination that patrons associate with 28 Posti, a place that is permeated by an identity that has already been established, yet somehow still evolving. Materiality, texture and color are undoubtedly the concepts on which the designer’s intervention for 28 Posti is based. The project first takes on the theme of color.

Planetario, Besana Carpet Lab

Besana Carpet Lab presents Planetario, a project designed and developed by Cristina Celestino that strongly highlights the identity and unique features of wall-to-wall carpeting. Planetario is an exquisite ode to the past glory of carpeting, yet casts its gaze to the future. A scenic retro-futuristic setting welcomes visitors in a dream-like domestic atmosphere inspired by the themes of space and of its antithesis, the underwater world, whose elements are found in the latest collection created by the designer. Her vision is that a new era has come for this fabric and its unexpected uses; this has allowed the designer – who is renowned for her natural tendency to transform and reinterpret materials – to delve into the use of this precious fabric. She analyzed how carpeting was used at the time of its greatest glory, in the 1960s and 1970s, drawing inspiration from the sophisticated interiors designed by Nanda Vigo, Willy Rizzo and Joe Colombo.

“Back Home”, Fendi & Fendi Casa

FENDI collaborates again with architect and interior designer Cristina Celestino for a new chapter with its FENDI Casa line, presenting “Back Home”, a collection that celebrates the Maison’s iconic Pequin striped motif, produced by Luxury Living Group. For “Back Home”, Cristina Celestino gives a reinterpretation of the Pequin, using FENDI’s iconic pattern to create a refined and creative range of furniture pieces, showing an intriguing combination of materials, spanning from timeless and elegant marbles and onyxes, to fascinating metallic surfaces for surprising tactile and color effects.

Caffè Concerto Cucchi

Cristina Celestino continues her personal reinterpretation of the symbolic locations of the city of Milan with a project for the historic Pasticceria Cucchi. The designer pays tribute to the city without nostalgia, and reinvents an iconic gathering place, inspired by the theme of the “Caffè Concerto.” The project involves the interiors, the shop windows and the outdoor seating area, touching on every aspect of the pastry shop, from the staff uniforms to the design of several desserts, and details of place settings at the tables. Cristina has imagined Caffè Concerto Cucchi as an urban oasis inspired by the hues and techniques of the art of pastry, projecting the atmosphere of the tradition into a vibrant space marked by unexpected insertions of colors and materials. Precious material, bright accents and appealing textures coexist in the various rooms, alongside witty, humorous touches.


Canyon Screen by Brabbu

The Grand Canyon is one of the seven natural wonders of the world. The Canyon screen features a structure in wood covered with aged, brown and red patina, and nails in aged gold. This room divider will make a statement in any modern interior design.


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