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Tenor By Luxxu: A Timeless Sideboard For a Glorious Living Room

LUXXU was exclusively a luxury lighting brand. Now it expanded into the luxury furniture market, so today we present you Tenor By Luxxu: A Timeless Sideboard For a Glorious Living Room. Made with the finest materials, this amazing sideboards is the perfect balance between innovation and tradition.

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A Sideboard is always a good idea to decorate an empty wall. It works as a console with the upside of having storage so you can use it both for aesthetics and functionality.

Tenor By Luxxu: A Timeless Sideboard For a Glorious Living Room

You can choose to display anything you’d like on it, from family photos to plants and decorative pieces to lamps, it can add great character to your spaces.

The Tenor Sideboard has a unique design. It has a smooth and elegant shape that provides the right amount of storage to space. This is a great choice for those who have a peculiar taste for conceptual designs, and we are very proud of its result.

The elegance of this luxury sideboard, available in multiple colors including black and white, is the perfect addition to an elegant living room. It provides an attractive presence in any room.

For this Summer try nautical interior design but with a glamorous twist, instead of combining white and blue with red, mix it with gold. LUXXU’s Home Tenor Sideboard fits perfectly into the description, with its sleek lines and brass details no living room will be the same!

Get yourself introduced to our brand new furniture collection and get inspired by its delicate craftsmanship.


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