Maison et Objet: New Living Room Designs

by Janet Morais

Maison et Objet is always the perfect event to show the novelties – 2019 was no exception. Aiming for trendy ambiances in your living room, we bring you a list of our favorite designs presented, for the first time, in the fair. You know we like to make it exclusive and curated so feel free to be inspired and stay tuned!

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George Sofa

Sophisticated, cozy and contemporary – the trendiest upholstery pieces have arrived. The George sofa reflects an intense way of living and brings fierceness, strength and power into an urban lifestyle. When everything else fails, let the design shine and it will be alright.

McQueen II Chandelier

The McQueen II chandelier exemplifies the reinvention of the lighting concept in the present day. Playful and dazzling, this incredible chandelier awaits timeless ambiances to be part of. Using the finest materials and mixing different aesthetics is what makes the McQueen II so desirable.

Lumiére Mirror

Part of the new Lumiere collection, this mirror is an absolute colossus. There’s some kind of mystical vibe within it, converging in a piece that was made for expansive ambiances and luxurious settings. Tremendously absorbing, luxuriously fascinating.

Savage Cabinet

The Savage bar cabinet is what happens when furniture goes functional and curated. Tones of gold paint this bar cabinet and those engraved features add a layer of magnitude and monolithic beauty. Interior design is also made of mighty pieces like this one.

Saya Mirror

Here’s a novelty that clearly reflects the power of Nature-inspired designs. A mirror like Saya will surely elevate your home decor to another dimension – it’s all about the smallest details. It has attitude and brings both cold and warm feelings due to its incredible combination of metallics.

Florence Armchair

When we talk about mid-century modern, this is the kind of stuff we see in our minds. The Florence armchair is retro and contemporary in equal doses, one of the finest upholstery pieces we’ve seen so far. Suitable for any living room or hotel lobby.


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