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Functionality vs Aesthetics: The Coleccionista Bookcase

Functionality vs Aesthetics: The Coleccionista Bookcase

The Coleccionista bookcase is here to make ends meet for those who are passionate about functionality and… aesthetics. It’s the perfect way to have all the things that inspire you in a single space. A truly powerful piece for your home decoration by Boca do Lobo.

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Functionality vs Aesthetics: The Coleccionista Bookcase

The drawers typology can be chosen according to your tastes and preferences. You may even be inspired by all Boca do Lobo pieces to chose different types of drawers. This Coleccionista can be placed against a wall or it can serve as a division separator.

Functionality vs Aesthetics: The Coleccionista Bookcase

There’s nothing in the world like a bookcase – the versatility and the purpose are a must. It’s not only a piece of furniture, it’s the ultimate way to gather all your thoughts and interests. Boca do Lobo helps you doing it and the final result is unique.

Coleccionista, as you can see, can be fully customized. Give your imagination a pair of wings and let your soul choose the one that fits you the best. Creativity has no limits for brands like Boca do Lobo and now your living room can be the reflection of that.

The future is just a metaphor for the present. If life gives you options, then choose nothing the best – choose Boca do Lobo. Give a special meaning to your space and make it your own temple. Have a good weekend!


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