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Extravagant Contemporary Master Bathroom By Natan Argente

Extravagant Contemporary Master Bathroom By Natan Argente

With a refined and elegant finish, this complete and exquisite master bathroom, designed by the talented Natan Argente, truly fills the measurements for those who look to relax, surrounded by brightness and sophistication. A marvelous designed master bathroom, with the iconic signature from Covet House in partnership with Natan Argente. Have a look!

The golden details are what stand out the most, like the ones present in Lapiaz Bathtub and the Lapiaz Freestanding from Maison Valentina, which comprises a modern and sophisticated delicacy along with a sculptural appeal, giving a strong personality to your bathroom. Inspired by the typical karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks, this unique freestanding bathtub exposes its gold and rich interiors made of polished brass that contrast with the mirrored sides, creating a luxurious design artwork. A statement piece that stands out due to its elegance and sensuality.


Lapiaz Freestanding by Maison Valentina

The Lapiaz freestanding is a washbasin inspired by natural stone cracks. That’s why it features an incredible fissure handcrafted in polished brass, producing an organic finish. The wooden structure is coated in stainless steel, giving it a reflective luxurious effect.

Lapiaz Bathtub by Maison Valentina

Inspired by the typical karst formations produced by the dissolution of limestone rocks, this unique freestanding bathtub exposes its gold and rich interiors made of polished brass that contrast with the mirrored sides, producing a luxurious design artwork. The Lapiaz bathtub stands out due to its elegance and sensuality.

Using unique pieces and a curated design that only Covet House can offer, the Shard Suspension Lamp from Luxxu, an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character, will not go unnoticed.


Shard Suspension Lamp by Luxxu

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Shard London Bridge building, the Shard Suspension Lamp is an iconic, unique lighting fixture with a strong presence and character. Suitable for living and dining areas, this piece will grab all the attention in the room.

The final luxury detail in this contemporary bathroom is the Lapiaz Round Mirror from Boca do Lobo, which elevates this design to a new realm with exceptional craftsmanship. The organic features of this large mirror are achieved through the manual fitting of golden polished brass, finishes in polished stainless steel.


Lapiaz Round Mirror by Boca do Lobo

The Lapiaz Round mirror is a functional artwork piece born from cold and freshly cracked to show off the world’s rich, golden details.

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