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Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part II)

Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part III)

A good hall design always sets the tone for a home and truly represents and defines your aesthetic. First impressions last long and that’s why you should never underestimate the power of an entryway. Have a look and discover how to create a welcoming, memorable hallway!


A unique entryway could only be accomplished with Pullcast‘s outstanding jewelry hardware pieces for your doors.


Strelitzia represents faithfulness, love, and thoughtfulness. It’s inspired by a species of a flowering plant indigenous to South Africa that honors a Queen. Made of brass, this Big Size Door Pull is the perfect piece to create a romantic impact on your project.


Inspired by the Mid-century style, with contemporary influences, an appropriation of Delightfull’s luxurious design complements. Hendrix is a series of Door Hardware with Mid Size Door Pulls, to create an architectural silhouette in your door designs.


Elevate your entryway with the ultimate jewelry hardware design with Pullcast‘s stunning pieces.


Contemporary entryway project with Colosseum Console as its statement piece.


Modern entryway with Bryce Console and Cyrus Table Lamp. These two elements were the perfect combination to this entryway design.


Completely handcrafted, with each brass cord fitted with precision, the Filigree Mirror flourishes in a shape traditional to Portuguese culture and art.


Pharo II Wall Lamp is inspired by Pharos, an island where the most famous and grand lighthouse stood in ancient Alexandria. Nowadays, lighthouses take on simpler forms. Made of gold plated brass and crystal glass, Pharo Wall is a beacon of light to rupture the darkness.


Vittorio Sideboard has a sophisticated design and curvilinear lines, named after the great Vittorio Gassman. The combination of the wooden black lacquered H-shaped legs with a walnut wood body and recessed golden handles recall the lines of a blooming flower.


With a body handmade in walnut and two door handles made of polished brass, this mid-century modern, Hepburn Cabinet, stands out thanks to its leather upholstered applique at the bottom.


You only need the Monroe Armchair and Turner Pendant Lamps to make a statement entryway.


Discover How To Create A Memorable Hall Design (Part I)


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