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Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

Welcome to the world of Abstract Art Geometric! Abstract art is often seen as carrying a moral dimension – it is frequently associated with virtues such as order, purity, simplicity and spirituality. Influenced by artists such as Henri Matisse or Piet Mondrian, Abstract Art Geometric is here to give a breath of fresh air to any interior design. Now its time for you to meet the sideboards!


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Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

Sideboards are usually made out of wood. Edith is not and that’s why it is a distinctive piece to furnish your living room. It is upholstered with soft velvet and stands out for its high-end look at the top, making use of a grey textured marble. Available in several colors.

Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards


Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

Design is not just what it looks like, it’s also how it works. The Soho sideboard captures the essence of the space and, at the same time, makes the best possible use of it. The drawers count different and varied materials from glass to wood and gold leaf gives its final touch.

Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

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Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

The Piccadilly sideboard has everything – from the textures to the colors to the craftsmanship – and it’s all interconnected. The amount of detail is astonishingly beautiful. Inside you’ll find four drawers, two shelves and a mirror reflecting your own persona. Made from the finest woods out there.

Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

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Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

When art becomes a sideboard, your room acquires an evermore-inspiring atmosphere. The Mondrian sideboard is available in black or white and its base is composed of mahogany. It all gets better here – there is a tempered glass that makes the box, mirrored fronts with crystal handles and several details in leather.

Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards


Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards

The geometric design and exotic finishes of the Opium cabinet will seduce you into a euphoric haze. Decadent, shimmering and natural leathers adorn the four front doors, while sleek and glossy lacquer covers the body. Peek inside to discover four drawers and two glass shelves.

Abstract Art Geometric: The Sideboards


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