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Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020

As 2020 unfolds, we feel the urge not to follow trends but to create them – that’s why we bring you a list of trendy living room sideboards for the present year. Design is all about a powerful desire to go beyond standard aesthetics, to shape new languages, to create new stories and to find yourself in the center of it all. Discover your next sideboard crush below!


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Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020


The Kafe sideboard is a tribute to the rich coffee culture of Madagascar. Made from bronze mirror, stainless steel and the finest wood, Kafe promises to bring warmth and clean-lined minimalism to your living room. This is modern design at its greatest.

Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020

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Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020

Sideboards are usually made out of wood. Edith is not and that’s why it is a distinctive piece to furnish your living room. It is upholstered with soft velvet and stands out for its high-end look at the top, making use of a grey textured marble. Available in several colors.

Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020


Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020


Charismatic by its never-ending contrasts between ancient and contemporary lines, the Baraka sideboard body’s half brightness combines walnut root veneer with brass details, an interior in bird eye wood veneer and the base in vintage matte brass. This exquisite design piece that stands out outside of historical time will enhance the beauty of Baraka energy into your modern living room set.


Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020

Design is an ever-changing universe – now you get to see why. A living room is never complete without a powerful sideboard like Spellbound, adding a new layer of magnitude and bliss to your decor. Simply beautiful.

Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020

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Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020

The Pixel sideboard presents a groundbreaking work of pioneering design. This piece carries the dedication and art of those who built it, a variety of traditional production techniques to craft an avant-garde furniture piece that is authentic, joyful and a perfect match for the digital age. Its playful character is captured in shape and color palette, challenging design and craftsmanship.

Trendy Living Room Sideboards For 2020


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