Trendy Living Room Accessories (Part II)

Accessories make everything better, right? When it comes to your home decor, it’s no different. Today, we present you a list of trendy living room accessories that will lead to timeless ambiances and stylish settings. Make your living room a collection of things you love – it’s that simple. This is the second part of Trendy Living Room Accessories.

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Polanski Rug

Polanski is a felted wool rug produced in the traditional Portuguese technique called “beiriz”. This rug features a constructivist style of clean red lines on a white flat background, producing an abstract visual with remarkable traces of chaos, disorder and psychological terror, just like Polanski’s films.

Serpentine Sconce

Slithering up the wall, the Serpentine sconce’s coiled polished brass tail appears as if it may unwind at any moment. Looking to add some primal energy to your modern interior? This sconce is sure to add a sense of primitive exoticism to any space.

Naif Green Wallcovering

Naif Green is a true oasis of comfort and design when it comes to contemporary wallcoverings. A floral pattern composes this accessory that is bound to be a breath of fresh air in your home decor. What do you think?

Monocles Screen

Produced in solid walnut wood, the Monocles screen is accentuated by a polished brass frame and brass holes that let you glimpse into the other side. The mix between the materials gives a warm and natural look to your home office, living room or bedroom decor.

Mandala Blue Pillow

This classic pillow was inspired by mandalas’ drawings. Mandalas are used as instruments of concentration and to achieve higher states of meditation, especially in Tibet and Japanese Buddhism. For a long time ago, the mandala was used as an artistic and religious expression through rock paintings. Now you can incorporate it in your decor atmospheres with an exclusive vibe.


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