Top Living Room Rugs You Will Fall In Love With (Part II)

The details are probably the most powerful thing about interior design. This being said, we are proudly introducing you to our favorite living room rugs. Synonym with luxury, craftsmanship and contemporary design, we are pretty sure you will fall in love with these beauties. This is the second part of Top Living Room Rugs You Will Fall In Love With.

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The Rebhuhn rug is an amazing addition to any living room. The colors are soft and warm in equal doses, blending the finest contemporary details with the beauty of simple things. It represents a certain aura of duality and freedom.


Geometric patterns and insightful color combinations give a peaceful tone to this one. The Prisma rug has a minimalist vibe and there’s nothing wrong with that – sometimes, less is more. Exclusive design is about special things and this is one of those.



The texture can be one of the most important things when it comes to interior design. In a powerful rug like Meta, we highlight the unquestionable transdimensional feel – like we could touch it and experience the cold snakeskin that becomes warm and pleasant.


Now it’s time for us to get lost in the galaxy full of planets and stars that is the Eye rug. An eye is pretty much just like a galaxy – receiving and processing (visual) information, with a life of its own. Tremendously absorbing, extremely luxurious.


The Royalis rug looks like it came from a distant future, a dystopian one. Its nature is glitchy, like an error that came for the good. Modern design can have a lot of faces and expressions but, for us, what really defines “modern” is the ability to dazzle through unusual ways.


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