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The Best Interior Designers From Basel

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

Falling in love with inspirational interiors is easy, but finding a designer to recreate your vision is another story. This time we listed the best interior designers in Basel for all design lovers. Their expertise ranges from residential to commercial and they’re producing some of the finest interiors of our time. Take a look for yourself and be inspired!

#1 – Herzog & de Meuron

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

Established in Basel in 1978, Herzog & de Meuron is a partnership led by Jacques Herzog and Pierre de Meuron together with Senior Partners Christine Binswanger, Ascan Mergenthaler, Stefan Marbach, Esther Zumsteg, and Jason Frantzen. An international team of nearly 500 collaborators including the two Founders, five Senior Partners, eight Partners, and 42 Associates work on projects across Europe, the Americas and Asia. The main office is in Basel with additional offices in London, New York, Hong Kong, Berlin and Copenhagen.

#2 – Jenna Ridley

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

“You may like my own personal style and you may not, but what matters most of all is that I create a home that reflects your own style and personality (not mine) and I will always design with that at the forefront of my mind, working closely with you, my clients to ensure the end result encompasses your own individuality whilst enhancing your lifestyle.”

#3 – Harmstorf & Petz

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

“Each of our unique pieces tells a story. We are particularly fond of French furniture from the 20s and 30s . We keep our eyes and ears open at all times for the discovery of old treasures and often come across rough diamonds: With our many years of experience, we bring historical furniture back to shine through elaborate restorations. Let yourself be inspired by the interplay of the originals and our timeless design and tell the story of our unique pieces.”

#4 – EMC&Partners

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

“We were founded in 2016, the same year that Bob Dylan won the Noble Prize for Literature. And since then we have been designing, playing with architecture, creating meaningful interiors, houses and installations.”

#5 – Inner Eye by Karine Kosinsky

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

“I follow a process of gentleness and professionalism: I know where I am going and I am fixed in my ideas. A very refined and cocooning style with a very feminine approach that allows me to distinguish myself from my competition. I like to combine modernity and softness. My goal is to offer you an unparalleled quality of service so that you feel like you have a new home.”

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#6 – ZWEI Design

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

“Putting people at the center of the design. We create comfortable environments and long-lasting objects that bring joy and make people feel at home.”

#7 – Atelier Olivetti Ben

Priska Olivetti: 20 years of professional experience in interior design, architecture and scenography. 10 years of experience in construction planning, project management and construction management.

Subing Ben: 17 years of professional experience in architecture. 7 years of experience in construction planning, visualization, project management and construction management.

#8 – Maria Allemann

Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel

Whether you are an individual or a professional, there is a concept, an idea or a project made for your interior!


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Top 8 Interior Designers From Basel


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