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Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the vibrant, beating heart of Georgia, being the capital of the country and the largest city. Add to that the pull of the city’s hipster culture, its techno scene and the general air of cool, and Tbilisi is confidently sealing its reputation as the South Caucasus’ most cosmopolitan city. We gathered the top 20 interior designers from Tbilisi to inspire you on your next project.

#1 -Ana Abashidze (Space Logic)

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Space Logic is a design company that aimed at creating interiors. Considering every single detail and creating design linking to people’s personalities or brands. Every kind of identity needs analysis and transformation into a system and form. They don’t only create a comfortable and beautiful space but provide systematic change, order, correct planning and flexibility, specific to your space needs.

#2 – Opera Design

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

LTD Opera was founded in 2006 and has been an official representative of Top European designer companies in Georgia. Opera Design brings you furniture, lighting and interior accessories from world-famous brands such as Poltrona Frau, Cassina, Cappellini, Palluco, Martinelli Luce, Modular, Belux, iGuzzini and more.

#3 – Stripfold

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Stipfold has a distinct approach to individual projects and concepts never repeat themselves, as a testimony to the fact, that single combination of particular location, environment and a customer is one of a kind.

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#4 – KM Interior Design

Kristine Morchadze with her 8+ years of combined experience elevates the look and feel of residential, commercial and hospitality properties with her signature style; Which is tailored, cozy, comfortable, airy and bright. “Properly planned interior is a criterion for determining a happy life”.

#5 – Artytechs

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Established in 2014, Artytechs is a coherent merge of individuality, aesthetics and expertise in business, construction and development. Co-vision of different-minded individuals and their professional backgrounds in separate fields led to the urge and simple desire to establish a bureau with a unique approach that maintains authenticity. Artytechs has accomplished a variety of projects; partnering with the public and private sector, its concepts have been transformed into vast, multi-purpose spaces.

#6 – Room Design Gallery

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Room Design Gallery is a conceptual, multi-brand showroom, which was made for consumers to enjoy high-class service – in a distinctive and comfortable environment. They acknowledge, that each one of us is special, that’s why they always pay attention to your demands and wishes.

#7 – Design Avenue Studio

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Working with Design Avenue Studio means you will be supported by skilled professionals who can synthesize all of your design goals and deliver an inspired and inventive design solution. In partnership with the best Italian and international companies and design brands, they are able to source a vast product library, bringing their extensive knowledge in the field to serve each customer.

#8 – IDAAF Architects

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

IDAAF Architects was established in 2016 in Tbilisi as an architectural, interior and conceptual furniture design collective and led by the young Tbilisi architect, Nanuka Zaalishvili. Since its foundation, the studio has worked on projects of different type and scale both in Georgia and abroad.

#9 – Tika Sartania

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Tika Sartania works on architecture, interior design, landscape design, and 3d visualization projects. With 7 years of professional work experience, she’s worked on different interior design and architectural projects with local and international customers.

#10 – HOME Studio

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

HOME Studio was founded in 2015. They are specialized in architectural projects and in interior design too. They are well known across Tiblisi and have gathered some awards too.

#11 – Ucha Uchava

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Ucha Uchava role is to organize the space in such a way that it is the most functional and aesthetic, using the best methods of the composition of forms and technical solutions, taking into account your needs and resources as much as possible.

#12 – DesignBureau

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Founded in 2004 by Nia Mgaloblishvili, Ia Liparteliani and Sophio Shevardnadze, DesignBureau works on projects that differ in scale and typology. The team’s deep knowledge of the local market combined with international experiences are the key elements that make DesignBureau one of the most well-recognized companies in the region.


OBJECTS designs interior spaces for living and working. Interior performance can be measured in human and organizational terms: higher productivity, greater creativity and innovation, increased patronage or sales. Hitting the mark means designing not just for visual impact, but also for health, comfort, flexibility and ease of use.

#14 – Tinatin

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Interior design team based in Tbilisi, Georgia since 2016. The focus is to select interesting projects and to work on a range of residential and commercial spaces.  Each project is based on unique ideas and inspirations they get from their clients, spaces, areas and feelings when start working on projects.

#15 – 4Visual

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

4VISUAL offers a wide range of services from the development of interior design concepts to their further implementation. Their designs are made with a futuristic and modern concept and view.

#16 – Best Design

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Architectural and design company Best Design will serve you. They specialized themselves as interior designers with a hand for technology, implementing very resources in the design project.

#17 – SHRE Studio

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Tbilisi based all-in-one architectural studio SHRE is the discipline of generating solutions to problems and opportunities…driven by the needs, desires, and context of the people for whom we design. It is a multi-layered methodology that draws from the practices of ethnography, cognitive psychology, interaction and user experience design, service design, and design thinking.

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

#18 – Saphareli

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

Their history goes back to 1996, when Zurab Saphareli founded the company “Saba”. They were pioneers introducing the high Italian brands of furniture and lighting.

#19 – Studio Cube

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

A very well known design studio in Tbilisi where we can find cozy and functional designs made to be projected for all types of people.

#20 – NG Design

Top 20 Interior Designers From Tbilisi

NG Design is a studio that has proven to be very well positioned among all the design studios in Tbilisi. They deal with modern, classy and luxury projects and we can see for their designs that minimalism and neutral tones are part of the game.


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