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Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

Today we are going to show you 10 amazing interior designers that have been impressing all the interior design aficionados within every style of decor. Based in Casablanca, these designers stand out for their amazing capacity of establishing the most wonderful settings.

#1 – Yachar Bouhaya Architecte

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

Yachar Bouhaya Architecte is attached to the meaning and practice of the profession of architect. A project is suitable for each context, it is not a question of finding the same plastic but rather of favoring a method, an editorial line that precisely meets the expectations of each project.

#2 – BensDesign

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

BensDesign is a high-end interior design and project management firm for individuals, hotels, and luxury boutiques, as well as privileged spaces for companies. The international design team has a wide range of artistic culture and decoration creation to compose the interior that suits you: style, atmosphere, color, furniture, technology, decoration.

#3 – Home 7 Group

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

The Home 7 Groupe is a luxury design group that features three incredible showrooms in the iconic Triangle D’Or at Casablanca, Marocco. They provide the best furniture, lighting, and material solutions from some of the world’s top luxury brands.

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#4 – Orange Atelier

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

A multidisciplinary team of more than 32 people: architects, decorators, coordinators, and managers. All gathered to create, organize, innovate, and think about projects together. Orange Atelier is committed to the objectives of its customers, responding to their needs with creativity, rigor, and logic.

#5 – Design With Purpose

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

Design With Purpose is a design and interior architecture agency, strong in both technical and artistic mastery of construction trades, DWP accompanies you throughout your project: from the establishment of the study until the site is delivered. A team of interior architects, designers, colorists, and engineers provide you with their know-how and experiences to ensure the success of your project.

#6 – JLA Studio Architecture

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

The Jamal Lamiri Alaoui Studio was established in 1985 in Morocco leading a group of architects, designers, and engineers and has, since 2004, been based in Abu Dhabi (UAE). JLA is specialized in providing project design for clients ranging from royal families and heads of state to individual private clients and master developers. The Studio was founded by Jamal Lamiri Alaoui, an architect educated and trained in France who has extended his experience internationally.

#7 – Cousi Interiorismo Y Eventos

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

Alba Hurlé and Alicia Martin established their own company in 2010, after working together in an architecture firm. Their designs are filled with personality and receptiveness, combined with a constant evolution of ideas where they explore and experiment with materials, textures, colors, and geometries, leading to a sophisticated mix of contemporary and classic styles.

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#8 – Creato Interiors

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

CREATO brings together the passion, creativity, and professionalism necessary for the smooth running of each project. The dynamic approach of CREATO aims to enhance the individual by creating spaces adapted to his expectations by bringing expertise and creativity.

#9 – Karlson C&C Limited

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

Karlson C&C Limited is an interior design consulting company established in 2004. They have energetic designers with professional experience in all areas ranging from residential houses to real outlets.

#10 – MB Architecture & Design

Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca

Created in 2014 and based in Casablanca, Mouna Bennani Architecture & Design is a studio that develops living spaces by collaborating closely with all project stakeholders. The agency operates in an agile mode that allows its teams to work while making the most of the skills necessary for each aspect, whether it is architecture or design. This working flexibility offers a quick understanding of the issues, great speed of execution, and the ability to think about each project as a whole.


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Top 10 Interior Designers From Casablanca


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