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The Ultimate Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor

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Just like the seasons, design trends are always changing and transforming. Whether you’re a mid-century design lover, a classic decor enthusiast or a contemporary style admirer, then this article is for you – because, after all, you’re a design lover who loves to be on top of every tendency. Summer is almost hitting your door and it asks for lighter and colorful tones – are you up to it?

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Indigo Blue

The Ultimate Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor

Delicate, soothing and bold – that’s how we describe Indigo Blue. You can find it on rugs, wallpapers, vases, pillows and so on; Indigo Blue will be a real heartbreaker this Summer and you can have even greater results if you combine it with other vivid colors.


The Ultimate Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor

Plants always give a little life to every environment -it’s not that they’re on trend right now, it’s more like they never get out of it. However, plants look even better in the Summer. Nothing beats simplicity!

    Geometric Patterns

    The Ultimate Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor

    Although this trend has started in the ’60s, it stuck and has been kept alive for a while. Geometric patterns are a tendency right now and the good news is they’re not going anywhere. Becoming bigger and bigger, there are many ways to incorporate them into your interiors, using wallpapers, lighting fixtures, mirrors and so on!

    Tropical Themes

    The Ultimate Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor

    When we think about tropical themes, what comes to our minds automatically is exoticism, color and vibrancy. All Summer related, these are great choices to make your home decor more lively and cheerful. Suitable for indoors and outdoors, it’s a must for this season!

    Pastel Colors

    The Ultimate Design Trends For Your Summer Home Decor

    Pastel colors add a lot of vitality and effervescence to your ambiances, that’s for sure. Soft yellow, pink, green, orange or blue are some of the various options out there so make your move and choose the one that suits you the best. We totally recommend the Living Coral one, Pantone’s Color of the Year.


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