The Sinful Cabinet: A Modern Home Decor Classic

Interior design is full of possibilities. You can make it complex, you can make it simple, you should make it bold. Today, we bring you a modern home decor icon that goes by the name of Sinful. Designed by Koket, Sinful is a cabinet that is bound to be the brightest star in your living or dining room. Some things are supposed to be special – this is one of those.

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Indulge in a little naughtiness, especially if you have a place to store your sinful secrets. The Sinful cabinet is the perfect mix of daring and modern. Although the Sinful cabinet has quite some classic influences, this piece is an overall contemporary creation.

Covered in a black stingray patterned leather upholstery, valuables can be contained in sleek black glass drawers with polished gold accents. We all know how black and gold is a glamorous combination and Sinful reflects this alluring blend like no other. Lovely.

The smallest details create the big picture and that’s exactly what goes on in this elegant cabinet. A product of the finest craftsmanship, Sinful brings the best of different worlds to create an atmosphere that will make your home decor remarkable and unique. If interior design represents the universe, then Koket is the planet you want to live in.

Koket is the perfect representation of a timeless feeling of a feminine aura that inspires everyone around the world. Women mean delicacy, glamour and intuition. All of those are represented on the Sinful cabinet. Inspiration is found on the simplest things.

Furniture should reflect who you are and be a collection of what you love. Living and dining rooms mean togetherness, intimacy and bliss – all at the same time. So go ahead, have a great weekend and don’t forget to be inspired. Be yourself, be free.


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