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The Monocles Cabinet: Travelling The Past… Today

If you’re into incredible ambiances, we just brought you an incredible cabinet that suits your living room perfectly. The inspiration comes from the past, obviously, but the idea itself is kinda futuristic. Come with us and get to know the Monocles cabinet by Essential Home.

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The Monocles Cabinet: Travelling The Past... Today

Monocles is a drinks cabinet produced in classic materials such as solid walnut wood with additional brass features and front paneling. It is split in two sections: one with a set of shelves and drawers, accented by brass knurling knobs, and the other is a stylish storage space for cocktails.

The Monocles Cabinet: Travelling The Past... Today

The tapered legs give this cabinet a fresh and sleek look, comprising style and functionality. Essential Home is one of those brands that never settle – they always pick insightful concepts and they always get the finest results.

The Monocles Cabinet: Travelling The Past... Today

The Monocles cabinet, besides being a unique piece of furniture, is also a celebration symbol. Life is nothing but moments and Essential Home decided to turn this statement into something real. Something you can see, touch and feel.

The Monocles Cabinet: Travelling The Past... Today

There is something really special about this one. We are talking about the magnificence of times past and the glorious golden tone that sets the mood. Design is this – you create something from scratch and then it creates something within you. It’s the process of being free and letting that freedom seduce you forever. Mid-century dreams are made of this.


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