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The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

Georgia‘s capital, Tbilisi is known for its architectural treasures, picturesque landscapes, fine-dining restaurants and, of course, the nightlife. Because of its location on the crossroads between Europe and Asia, and its proximity to the lucrative Silk Road, throughout history, Tbilisi was a point of contention among various global powers. Also, Tbilisi is the city to go with if you’re looking for amazing interior design projects. Keep your eyes peeled and enjoy!

#1 – Bina 37 by Artytechs

The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

A normal apartment made into a restaurant and a real wine cellar! Bina 37 (Apartment 37), with its interior design by Artytechs, is not your typical type of restaurant. Starting from the entrance up to a unique wine cellar and a great host. It’s a unique concept of a traditional restaurant located in a concrete block house in a residential area.

#2 – Signagi Residence by IDAAF Architects

The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

Sighnaghi is in Kakheti, in the east of Georgia, famous for its 8, 000 years of wine culture and diverse Georgian cuisine. The town is located on a high hill overlooking the impressive Alazani Valley and the Caucasus. But this project by IDAAF Architects is an attempt to leave behind the traditional and incorporate new elements – a house whose idea is based on transparency and sustainability, forging a strong relationship between the house and the surrounding landscape. The house is designed from the inside out to create an uninterrupted connection to the environment.

The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

#3 – Duplex at KDR by Design Avenue Studio

Working with Design Avenue Studio means you will be supported by skilled professionals who can synthesize all of your design goals and deliver an inspired and inventive design solution. Through a layered process of conceptual design, 3D digital modeling, and specialist consulting, Design Avenue Studio delivers inspired architectural projects and accurate documents for feasibility analysis, render, and construction. Just look at this amazing living room!

#4 – Impact Hub by DesignBureau

Founded in 2004 by Nia Mgaloblishvili, Ia Liparteliani and Sophio Shevardnadze, DesignBureau works on projects that differ in scale and typology. At the Impact Hub Tbilisi, DesignBureau was able to bring the key elements that make this firm one of the most well-recognized companies in the region as well as give the space itself a true representation of what Impact Hub was looking for.

#5 – Tskneti Private Residence by Room Design

The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

Room Design always shares its experience, which their team members are getting from partners, leading European companies. They are a team, which is known for its modernist and ambitious decisions. Their main strengths are practical experience and professionalism. They feel the style, touch colors and textures, think and plan on big scales. What do you think about this living room?

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


#6 – Biblusi by Artytechs

The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

Established in 2014, Artytechs is a coherent merge of individuality, aesthetics and expertise in business, construction and development. Co-vision of different-minded individuals and their professional backgrounds in separate fields led to the urge and simple desire to establish a bureau with a unique approach that maintains authenticity. Just like on this distinctive interior design for Biblusi!

#7 – Tsintsadze Street Residence by Room Design

The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

What’s not to love in this incredible living room? From the colors to the architecture to the furniture itself, Room Design always manages to capture our attention and steal our hearts. They make your fantasies become reality, in order for you to live in a peaceful and enjoyable environment. Here, with the Empire Walnut Center Table by Boca do Lobo!


Empire Walnut Center Table by Boca do Lobo

The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi

The Empire Walnut Center Table is built from mahogany wood and features an exquisite polished brass surface detail. Its cracks are hand-carved and inserted through polished brass sheets, which are hand hammered for a unique and organic finish. Its finest gold detail crack reflects a gold interior in a manifesto towards power.


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The Best Interior Design Projects In Tbilisi


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