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Discover How Sustainability Meets Aesthetics With A++

Discover How Sustainability Meets Aesthetics With A++

A++ is an open way of thinking that encompasses today’s architecture and design environment and their cross interdependencies, cross-disciplinary and cross-cultural influences. They have successfully merged sustainability and quality, aesthetics and economics radically changing the way they approach this profession. In creating interiors, they believe in the importance of the division of space that is never static, but a source of constant excitement. Have a look at some of their projects below and enjoy!

Akoya Oxygen Bugatti Villa | Dubai

The suite of a luxury hotel is probably the quintessence and the most complete form in which contemporary interior design can be articulated. Giving shape to the walls, to the custom-made furnishings, to the precious inlays of marble flooring is a bit like making a tailored suit. And doing it for two internationally renowned automotive brands such as Bentley and Bugatti is every designer’s dream. If Bentley’s style finds expression in the richness of the materials, in the unmistakable “savoir-faire” and in a timeless elegance, the rock soul of Bugatti is declined in all its “brutal force” through strong lines and contrasts seductive. The one in which the refined combination of wood and metal with the warm tones of the skin, builds a story of extraordinary class and delicacy. The other in which each element seems to be attracted as in a vortex, by the tension of the forms without compromise.

Bentley Apartment | China

Discover How Sustainability Meets Aesthetics With A++

Combining square and rounded wherever possible, the dynamic between the two whether in furniture, decor or finish, gives this high-end apartment a complex and intricately designed feel, and yet it also has the aura of simple luxury, such that comes easily and with a nuanced flow. Handcrafted wall panels, furnishings that cleverly play off of one another and a neutral color scheme that still manages to have a very bold presence with this project we saw the elements of design as part of an appreciatively organic end result.

Discover How Sustainability Meets Aesthetics With A++

Villanova Showvillas | Dubai

Located in the dynamic district of Dubailand, situated within the most serene settings. Villanova offers spacious 3, 4, and 5 bedroom villas and townhouses enriched with the flair of modern Spanish architecture. Setting a benchmark for new villas in Dubai, the beautiful 2, 3, & 4 bedroom Townhouses of Amaranta at Villanova echo the haciendas of modern Spanish design. The carefully planned two-story designs offer spacious floor plans that encourage a laid-back and relaxed lifestyle. The community layout and integrated design create an intimate neighborhood for all Amaranta residents. A++ designed townhouse 1&2 and Villa 1&2, choosing two different styles – one more contemporary called “emotional everyday” and the other more Mediterranean, with warm and cozy details.

Penthouse | Zurich

With “shades of grey” as a foundational theme, A++ was able to play with light and create a multi-dimensional effect. The clients’ taste in materials and their preference for bold artistic statements, enabled us to make the spaces of this home feel both playful and stately, classic combinations bridged by unconventional shapes and materials also brought this private residence to a bold new level. As always, their sustainable approach and concern for the health of not only the structure, but its residents as well, guided the thought process during this project.

Covet House Boca do Lobo Luxxu Maison Valentina PullCast Circu


Clothing Store 400 | Sochi

Discover How Sustainability Meets Aesthetics With A++

It’s a modern luxury multibrand dress shop located downtown in Sochi. A++ took care of the interior design creating a timeless and light space, thanks also to the use of two skylights emphasized by exhibition structures that develop through the two floors. The space is divided and organized with mobile modules with which to create different scenarios for each area and brand.

Roca Hotel | Miami

Discover How Sustainability Meets Aesthetics With A++

Set deep in the heart of Miami Beach, the Roca Hotel stands as a rare gem between the low-rise residential buildings around. A one of a kind boutique hotel meant to become a destination, with just 35 bespoke rooms and a truly powerful leitmotif: the precious stones. Onyx, quartz, aquamarine, emerald…each of them gives a different character to the room, making them unique and full of energy and materiality. The careful choice of materials & finishings is paired with warm light and Italian designed furniture for a flawless look in both the rooms and the common areas, where the design transcends every limit and incorporates water, sound and greenery for a full multi-sensory experience in this modern, upscale designed cavern.


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