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Michelle Nussbaumer: Soulful Interiors For Youthful Spirits

Michelle Nussbaumer: Soulful Interiors For Youthful Spirits

Michelle Nussbaumer is a Texas interior designer that has always had a passion for creating timeless spaces inspired by the furthest reaches of the globe. She is a visionary in turning Old World inspiration into modern, soulful interiors for youthful spirits. A world of color awaits you!

Michelle Nussbaumer: Soulful Interiors For Youthful Spirits

Based in Texas, Michelle Nussbaumer is passionate about setting the stage for adventurous lives to be lived. At Ceylon et Cie, exquisite form meets deliberate function, every design project is meant to be lived in, and they strive to ensure that it doesn’t look like a designer just stepped out of the room.

Family is a fundamental influence on her studio design philosophy. “Do things that are not trendy, things you actually respond to” is one of the designer’s famous life and professional mottos. Famous for her line in maximalism for the last 30 years, Michelle Nussbaumer promoted some amazing kitchen design ideas in her Dallas home that were considered the kitchen(s) of the year by the renowned House Beautiful magazine.

“I have always had wanderlust. As a child, I dreamed of travel, of bringing home what I found from worlds far from home.” – Michelle Nussbaumer


Kalina Rug by Brabbu

The Kalina are indigenous people native to the northern coastal areas of South America. Due to the lack of a written form of language, the histories and traditions of the Kalina people were transmitted to this day in the oral form, passing through generations. Their myths, legends and tales are narrated today on the Kalina rug‘s long lines that will elegantly finish any beautiful modern home decor.


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