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MARKZEFF: The Epitome of Cutting Edge Interiors

MARKZEFF: The Epitome of Cutting Edge Interiors

MARKZEFF is an international, full-service, design-consulting firm based in New York City. Currently, MARKZEFF employs a team of Architects, Interior Designers, Graphic Designers, Brand/Marketing Managers and offers an extensive in-house material library. Over the last 25 years, MARKZEFF has evolved from a residential design firm into one of the nation’s leading multi-disciplinary boutique design firms.

MARKZEFF believes the attention to detail given to their private residential clients is essential to their success and is a characteristic the firm has maintained through its evolution. Mark Zeff began his career in the United States working with private clients throughout the world; designing homes, townhouses and yachts. The strength and range of the firm’s residential design laid the groundwork for its expansion into commercial design and branding. The firm’s unique offering of environmental design, interior design and branding has proven essential for the commercial realm, including the Hotel, Restaurant, Casino, Spa and Retail industries. MARKZEFF has worked on a range of different projects across the country and internationally using these integrated design platforms.

MARKZEFF does not believe in generic solutions nor do they believe in a conventional or standardized way of thinking. They believe that each design discipline should work together under a unified creative direction. This way, the design outcome generated by each discipline naturally relates and does not require adaption to coexist. The team’s multi-disciplinary experience brings a fresh perspective to each project and allows them to examine every design with an unbiased eye. When their clients are faced with challenging situations, MARKZEFF provides them with strategic recommendations to address problems and apply solutions.

They pride themselves on developing excellent working relationships with clients, founded on strong communication and a dynamic, collaborative spirit. They help clients clarify their goals and formulate meaningful, measurable objectives. They also recognize that projects are not static, but rather, evolve over time. They pride themselves on working closely with clients throughout the entire process and evolving throughout the various phases of each project.


Botti Chandelier by Delightfull

Botti Chandelier instantly takes us into a music concert starring Chris Botti. The mid-century lighting design was inspired by the American trumpet player as a tribute to jazz music. With a structure handmade in brass and boasting a sophisticated gold-plated finish, this modern ceiling light showcases the high-quality craftsmanship for which Delightfull is best known for.


This Is Why You Need A Sideboard In 2021


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