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Luxury Hotel Buffets Inspiration For This Summer

Luxury hotel buffets are our main theme for today. Brought to you by the most renowned hotels in the world, this selection was intended to boost your inspiration. Hospitality projects are a big part of the interior design world so get comfy and check these distinctive decor ambiances. Be inspired and the world will be inspired by you!

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The Pilgrm Hotel

Luxury Hotel Buffets Inspiration For This Summer

Above, you have the lounge of the Pilgrm Hotel (London). A wooden floor is matched with minimalistic tables and colored patterns, contributing gloriously to the space atmosphere. Mid-century modernism gets the spotlight here.

The Fleming Hotel

Luxury Hotel Buffets Inspiration For This SummerFrom London, we go all the way to Hong Kong. Tapping into a sense of maritime nostalgia is The Fleming Hotel‘s proposal. Different tones of bluehanging pendant lights and bright ambiances make this buffet a nautical-inspired jewel.

The Drifter

Luxury Hotel Buffets Inspiration For This Summer

Tropical themes, wooden details and a modern feeling of celebration make the buffet of The Drifter, located in New Orleans. Inspired by the late 1950s motel architecture, this is a mandatory stop if you’re in love with interior design’s contemporary languages.

1898 The Post

Luxury Hotel Buffets Inspiration For This Summer

A former post office in Ghent, Belgium, now a magnificent hotel, has the world by its feet. Designed in Neo-Gothic style, the hotel’s buffet is a hymn to the most luxurious lifestyle. Fixtures with a dark brass finishing are both soothing and contemporary, elevating the authentic antique furniture.

The Jackalope Hotel

Luxury Hotel Buffets Inspiration For This Summer

The Jackalope Hotel is located in Melbourne, Australia, and guess what? It has a stunning buffet area inside. Black leathers set the main ambiance here but the ceiling will attract all of your attention. An ocean of lamps (literally) will wash away the hours that seem to have no end and enlight those moments with the ones you love the most.

Pictures © Yatzer


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