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Looking For A Mid-Century Sideboard? Here’s Vincent

2018 just arrived and with it fresh news from Essential Home came along. We are talking about Vincent, the brand new mid-century sideboard that promises to fascinate those who feel inspired by both classic and contemporary interior design creations. Just keep your eyes peeled.

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Looking For A Mid-Century Sideboard? Here's Vincent

Is there a missing piece in your next project? Well, consider that problem solved. Essential Home never gives up on building the finest solutions for your living space, in fact, they somehow manage to dazzle us over and over again. Let me introduce Vincent to all of you.

Looking For A New Sideboard? Here's Vincent

Vincent is a mid-century modern sideboard and one of latest Essential Home masterpieces. It was inspired by the Art Deco years but, at the same time, it clearly brings some influences from these modern and new-fashioned times. The result? Uniqueness from the bottom to the top.

Looking For A New Sideboard? Here's Vincent

A white marble base and a body handmade in solid walnut is the combination used and it’s bound to take you up in the most charming inspirational dreams. It also boasts an Estremoz marble countertop, an amazing brush gold cladding on its doors and four slender brushed gold legs that keep the structure in place.

Looking For A New Sideboard? Here's Vincent

This sideboard is truly magical and its secret lies in the details. The drawers and the handles make that gold/walnut contrast so shiny you might get lost in the good sense. Portuguese roots ensure the best quality they could possibly deliver. Masterfully designed, perfectly handcrafted.

Looking For A New Sideboard? Here's Vincent

You know only good things come when Essential Home is around. Lovely aesthetics is what you get with this brand no matter what and the word “innovation” is written all over their work. It’s simple and effective. Please, feel free to get inspired.


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