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Jeff Andrews: A Famous Designer Among The A-Listers

Jeff Andrews: A Famous Designer Among The A-Listers

Jeff Andrews designs sophisticated and livable interiors for families and celebrities alike, which grants him the most prestigious status in the interior design world. The designer is skilled at pushing creative boundaries in ways that respect and redefine traditional design aesthetics. See for yourself!

Jeff Andrews: A Famous Designer Among The A-Listers

Hollywood is the place for the A-List stars, that are surrounded by a luxurious lifestyle. When we’re talking about a luxurious lifestyle there are items that you simply cannot miss, such as fashion and design. Fashion is covered by the greatest Maison that are able to establish the most creative and out-of-the-box pieces that you’ll ever see. The design shares many different ramifications, but on the interior design, there are a few go-to experts for every one of those A-Listers.

Between this exclusive list of prestigious interior designers, and standing out in this competitive world, you can find Jeff Andrews, the Holy Grail of the top American interior design. This famous designer is recognized for the creation of sophisticated and livable interiors, and for his passion to “help people realize their dreams and improve their quality of life through design”. Through his meticulous and exquisite projects, he pushes every creative boundary and crosses it, transforming every project into something out of the ordinary.

Redefining the traditional design aesthetics, Jeff Andrews brings on his refreshing approach, which makes him the most sought-after interior designers in the industry. His ability to visualize and interpret the needs of a diverse range of clients is unmatched, and what really fulfills him professionally, “when a client is entirely happy with the results of the home I have designed for them”. With that crucial ideal in mind, Jeff Andrews focuses on a specific type of client, which is mainly “hardworking professionals at the top of their fields. Whether they are in a creative field or more on the business side, they demand exceptionalism in every aspect of their lives, and that drives me to deliver my best work.  They appreciate originality, creativity and kindness above all.”

Through his creative process, he relates to his audience in a more open way, where Jeff Andrews shares the goal of putting himself “out there more and engaged with young designers in particular in person and on social media.  This process has been extremely rewarding for me. We all need to share our knowledge when we can”. That has been happening more due to his three-year process of organizing and releasing his first book. That was the event that made him evolve professionally, with a special focus on his audience’s relationships.

To get to this prestigious status, Jeff Andrews had a lot to learn, especially when he began on the interior design world, which was “quite challenging, as I had no formal training – I was immediately in the trenches, learning on the job.  I overcame from listening, learning, watching, reading, practicing and doing”. Through his excellent growth, he has achieved a lot of success, but he stills looks for greatness every time, because “the creative mind is always looking for something more.  I would still love to design a hotel – it’s a totally different exercise in comfort, design and lifestyle.  I’d love to put all my years of traveling to good use. I certainly know what I like and don’t like at this point.  Mostly I just want to design for clients who are respectful, enthusiastic and appreciative”. That means that his dreams are very much alive, and looking to breakthrough into the future.

At the moment, Jeff Andrews has “several new and exciting projects with new clients who have completely inspired me! We just launched my second wallpaper collection for Astek, called ReGlazed. The collection is even bolder than the first one, and we added more color to this line. Also working on new pieces for my furniture collection with A. Rudin as well as designing my first outdoor furniture collection for Summit”. Many exciting things are coming, so the future for the designer is the brightest one yet! According to Jeff Andrews, he’s “very involved in every aspect of the design and development process for all of my product collections.  But it’s always a collaboration with my partner, and I love to involve the entire design team in my office involved in the process as well.”

Being responsible for the display of the hottest trends, Jeff Andrews easily claims that the “clients/homeowners want something original, something unique.  We have to think outside the box – new artisans, new materials, new combinations and new pieces that are not part of the mainstream, but perfectly tailored to an individual home. In order to create that same and out-of-the-ordinary vibe there’s a need to focus on individuality – Creating spaces that feel as wonderful in person as they do in a magazine photograph.  It’s an art!”.


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