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Heritage – A Unique Sideboard Representing Portugal

Portugal is a country full of traditions, culture, history, and art, and we, Portuguese people, like to keep a connection between these concepts. Portuguese hand-painted tiles are an example o that, always showing centuries and centuries of history and representing Portugal.

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This form of art has gained its privileged place in the architectural world and Boca do Lobo wanted to be a part of it creating an amazing furniture piece: Heritage sideboard, that reflects this Portuguese passion.

Heritage - A Unique Sideboard Representing Portugal

This unique sideboard design is precisely inspired by the art of hand painting tiles. Besides the interesting draws, shapes that we find in the tiles and now, in this piece by Boca do Lobo, we must notice that the things represented in these tiles, tell a story.

Heritage - A Unique Sideboard Representing Portugal

In case you never visited Portugal before, in the image below you can see an example of what we were talking about. In Carmo Church, in Porto, you can find these white and blue tales in its interior and on the frontispiece too. You’ll notice that these hand-painted tales re everywhere in the city, especially in the churches.

Heritage - A Unique Sideboard Representing Portugal

Now talking about Heritage sideboard. As said before, this piece reflects history, culture and surely a lot of elegance too.

Heritage - A Unique Sideboard Representing PortugalThis piece presents a different number of layers, where each one tells a different story. Its inside is covered with a golden leaf with high gloss varnish that also gives Heritage a special luxurious finish.

Heritage - A Unique Sideboard Representing PortugalBoca do Lobo never stops surprising us and this line of products (Heritage) gives us the sophistication and elegance that we always find in the brand’s products.

Heritage - A Unique Sideboard Representing Portugal



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