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Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

Luxury design is the art of creating peculiar, unique and unprecedented things. We carefully selected expensive design inspirations that promise to give that unique touch you’ve been seeking for so long, from Ferris Rafauli to Boca do Lobo. Filling empty spaces, adding a touch of color, creating presence and strength – that’s what these designs are all about. They might be really expensive but you know luxury is nothing but a path to an exclusive lifestyle!


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

Vertigo Mirror is a round piece with a gold-plated brass frame that gives it a simple, yet very elegant look and feel. With a sleek design, the details on the framing grant Vertigo a classy appeal and are capable of fitting with most of the styles. It looks perfect when placed in an entryway, bedroom, over a vanity or even in a living room, making them even more modern.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

A riotous bespoke chandelier is paired with contemporary art and cabinetry in this unique entry foyer by Alene Workman Interior Design. We love this luxury eclectic vibe. How would you rate from 0 to 10?


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

Colors speak louder than words, right? The Pixel‘s colors are arranged in a kaleidoscopic way so expect some groovy mind-bending moments of contemplation. Your home decor will be transformed in ways you could have never imagined with this luxury cabinet. Color up your life and everything will be alright.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

The allure of Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave was the inspiration for Naicca, a round chandelier that represents the legend of crystal origins. The aged brushed brass structure and the Quartz crystal diffuser merge together to brighten any interior design, filling the room with a strong yet soothing atmosphere.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

In line with the entire McQueen family, this McQueen Rectangular Mirror is a meticulously designed beauty object. The tradition of the jewelry artisans is kept in this approach to contemporary luxury. The magnificent foliage is made of hammered brass with a gold-plated finish and a rhythmic luminosity of the Swarovski crystals. A sublime and powerful evocation of savage beauty.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

Ferris Rafauli is an award-winning and renowned master designer and artist who conceives, designs and creates ultra-luxury dwellings and lifestyle creations for an elite clientele worldwide. Ferris Rafauli thinks about dwellings as total works of art. That giant chandelier made us fall in love.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

A demonstration of imagination, strong design skills and combined exceptional craftsmanship, the Monochrome Console Table is a remarkable piece that stands out in any room or setting. It expresses a leading edge outlook through its distinct shape and color. Available in purple, golden and blue.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

Huang is a mountain range in eastern China known for its spectacular scenery – there you’ll find breathtaking sunsets, majestic pine trees and views of the clouds from above. Huang is also a sideboard and it features an inside in rosewood veneer and details in hammered matte and brushed aged brass – a statement piece like no other.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

With origins in Japan, Kumi is an oyster with undeniable beauty. The Kumi Mirror pays tribute to its allure through its glossy hammered aged brass. This decorative wall mirror is a treasure coveted by many due to its natural-like texture. Awesome.


Expensive Design Inspirations For Luxury Entryways

Located in the amazing view of Dubai’s landscapes, this luxury apartment interior designed by Celia Sawyer is for a high-caliber VIP. With superb use of black and golds, entirely matching the demands of what to expect from the characteristics opulent and contemporary interior design aesthetic of Dubai, this entryway shines even stronger with Lapiaz.

What do you think about these expensive design inspirations? Let us know! 


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