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Enjoy This Insight Into The Work of Yabu Pushelberg

Enjoy This Insight Into The Work of Yabu Pushelberg

Yabu Pushelberg, in essence, consists of a design company that has handled a variety of projects throughout the years. The company created by George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg has been focusing on the design and projects regarding many interiors, furniture and product designs, for the hospitality and retail industries. Now we’re going to give you an insight into some of their best works.

Enjoy This Insight Into The Work of Yabu Pushelberg

It all began when George Yabu and Glenn Pushelberg met while studying interior design at Toronto’s Ryerson University. The two creative geniuses then became as thick as thieves, forming a partnership that would culminate with the establishment of Yabu Pushelberg in 1980. Almost 40 years after, the team has a unique portfolio to show.

It’s not by chance that this design team has a unique reputation in design! One of the elements that make Yabu Pushelberg a team to be regarded has to do with the fact that they risk exploring many unusual elements to create new and elegant concepts. The James Collection, for example, is defined as an understated exploration of modern masculinity: it’s bold and defined, but it also has a light and elegant design.

However, it’s in hotel design that Yabu Pushelberg has some of its best accomplishments ever in regard to interior design. The Four Seasons hotel in Kuwait, for example, is a unique visual wonder for one to regard. For this particular establishment, the design team handled subtle renditions of Middle Eastern motifs.

Another Good example of one of their best accomplishments is when Yabu Pushelberg teamed with Rockwell Group to design the interiors for Moxy Chelsea which is located in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. They mainly handled the bars, restaurants, workspaces, and bedrooms of this unique hotel. Yabu Pushelberg’s part in this task was to create luxurious, efficient guestrooms in compact spaces. Rockwell Group, on the other hand, focused on enhancing the exuberance of the public spaces of the hotel.


Gable Dining Chair by Essential Home

Gable dining chair is part of a larger design collection for the living room. It features a round polished brass swivel base that contrasts with the dreamy cotton velvet. Its curved low back has some stitched seam accents that give it a stylish look. Since its height is 85 cm, it can also be used as a side chair.


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