Eclectic Design: A Living Room Journey

If you like to mix different styles into one single place, then we welcome you to our magic world of eclectic design. Here, nothing is impossible and the possibilities are endless. Craftsmanship meets luxury design and what comes next is a distinct, unique living room – unusual yet authentic. Let’s have a look!

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This one is a mix of styles and an ode to a colorful lifestyle. The Tenor sideboard and those Miller center tables connect the whole aura here, setting the tone for an abstract painting and a minimal chandelier. White and blue, together, make this ambiance such a peaceful setting.

Contemporary meets mid-century modern and, suddenly, we break the rules… in great style. The Monocles cabinet makes this living room shine and so does the Fortuna dining table on the back. The Lallan center table brings a minimal atmosphere and, just like that, it balances the whole composition.

This is one of our absolute favorites. The Wave center table is a modern classic icon and the Reeves dining chair is quite futuristic. Together, with the Blake bookcase, we achieve a whole new level of elegance – so expansive and cheerful. The space breathes and we always enjoy when that happens.

Vintage industrial blends itself into a contemporary style and the result is just mesmerizing. Tones of green bring life into this ambiance, where the Nazca sideboard is the main character, and golden elements give it a glamorous look. If it feels like home, then it feels good.


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