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Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

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Isabel López-Quesada‘s style is very eclectic, mixing various trends, combining new contemporary styles with touches of English chic and French country. She is featured in Elle Decor’s A-list and in Architectural Digest’s AD100, both from 2019. “A house, like a person, must combine tradition and modernity”, she says.

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Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

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Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

Inspired by the feminine silhouette of Brigitte Bardot, the Bardot armchair boasts modern contours, both on the slightly reclined back and on the rolled seat. It is upholstered in velvet and features tiny tapered legs in polished brass. The key shape of the sloping armrests and the horizontal tufting make this armchair an accent piece for your living room.


Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

© Elle Decor


Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

Huang is a mountain range in eastern China known for its spectacular scenery – there you’ll find breathtaking sunsets, majestic pine trees and views of the clouds from above. Huang is also a sideboard and it features an inside in rosewood veneer and details in hammered matte and brushed aged brass – a statement piece like no other.


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Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

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Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

From the legend of Robin Hood arises the Sherwood center table. A rectangular coffee table with a base in wood with black lacquer and a top in glossy walnut root veneer with gold leaf frame. This wood coffee table is ideal for a mid-century modern decor.


Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

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Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

The Times side table is an exquisitely handcrafted side table designed for both function and unadorned beauty. It’s a simple and sophisticated design table for any modern interior space. A square top supported by clean minimal legs completes its pure simple style. The tabletop is made from luxurious rosewood or palisander, and the support structure is made from stainless steel.


Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

© Isabel Lopéz-Quesada


Eclectic and Contemporary: Projects by Isabel López-Quesada

The Lenox mirror is a stylish original piece that adds class and elegance to luxury houses. The hexagonal frame of this round mirror is made from either oak or mahogany wood and the wood can be lacquered in four-color finishes (white, black, silver or gold). Contemporary, exquisite and unique, the Lenox mirror is the high end piece missing in your home.

Featured Image: © Isabel López-Quesada


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