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Dreams Are Made Of Gold With The Monocles Sideboard

by Dídia Sousa

Elegance and luxury are no strange words when we are talking about Essential Home. The Monocles sideboard, a true combination of matter and design, will be our main focus today. Shiny dreams of gold are waiting for you.

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Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian retro design. Classic and contemporary coexist within the same brand that likes to keep it beautiful every single time. Inspiration is coming so be ready for it.

Dreams Are Made Of Gold With Monocles Sideboard

Monocles is built entirely out of solid walnut wood, accented by its gold-plated brass front doors. The circles are engraved to the back and side of the unit, giving it an extreme character and high-end look. Sophistication never looked so good.

Dreams Are Made Of Gold With Monocles Sideboard

Is it fantasy or is it reality? This sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture for retro lovers or mid-century admirers. It really evokes that stunning era between the 30’s and the 60’s in a modernistic way. Time travel is just around the corner.Dreams Are Made Of Gold With Monocles SideboardAs you can see, this sideboard is a real piece of art. Maybe it’s because of the functionality, or the style, or the luxury. We don’t really know since it is hard to distinguish due to the overall feeling of satisfaction. It’s glamorous beyond everything.

Dreams Are Made Of Gold With Monocles Sideboard

If luxury represents the cosmos, then Essential Home is the planet you want to live in. There is something about this brand that keeps us more and more excited. Go on and inspire yourself. If it makes you happy, we are happy too. Dreams Are Made Of Gold With Monocles Sideboard


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