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Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part V)

Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part V)

They say that if you really want to know someone, you should start by their living room. There are so many ways to decorate this ‘personal temple’ and Covet House is here to spark some ideas for your home. Remember – a living room should always strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Looking for inspiration? Look no further!


Dependable and classic, a comfortable and eye-catching armchair will always slot seamlessly into any room. The shape and lines of the Imperfectio Armchair will remain unfailing and steadfast, no matter how many homes or phases you work through, having long ago been proven ageless.


This one goes to all of you who think of interior design as a creative process to tell stories. New trends may arise, modern styles may emerge, old tendencies may return – but we will always be looking for inspiration no matter what. Have a look at this maximalist ambiance with the Versailles Sofa and be inspired!


Gold has a way of complementing and bringing out the best in every color of the spectrum, so much so that it’s almost a neutral. Golden tapware, hardware and even shelving can inject warmth and color into a space without becoming jarring. However, our favorite will always be the golden Eden Center Table!


Among the most relevant interior design trends for 2021, Luxury Minimal Design is a top one. That’s right – more and more people are turning to more clear spaces filled with few furniture pieces. But when it comes to filling the house, many people are turning to materials, furniture and accessories with a luxury touch. Here, the Supernova Chandelier is the brightest star!


Covet House is synonymous with curated design. All the details are important here. Fewer items on display mean a less crowded space – one in which architecture and form are appreciated in all of their glorious simplicity.


Here we can see a modern classic style, keeping it very Arabian-focused with the golds and the opulent magnitude of the spaces. Plus, there’s the timeless Odette Sofa and its sweeping silhouette that we love so much. Such a beautiful living room!


Looking for a makeover in your home and a serene atmosphere all around? We have you covered with the Antigua Center Table! Modern furniture is all about clean lines, a restrained palette and stripped-down simplicity.


Atmospheric, peaceful, wild, charming, ethereal – there are infinite ways to describe Nature. The allure of Mexico’s Giant Crystal Cave was the inspiration for the Naicca Suspension Lamp, a round chandelier that represents the legend of crystal origins. Bring Nature directly to your living room now!


Mirrors are always the right choice if you want to add a meaningful, layered tone to your living room. The final composition is what matters the most and you can never go wrong with the Huli Mirror. It’s that simple!


In a world where trends come and go and we have already seen everything, staying true to what we are and idealizing this ‘self’ in a space is a task even more difficult and satisfying than following a rule or a trend. The Essex Armchair will be your favorite cocooning space – you can trust us!


Whether you chose to splash a striking shade across your walls, floors or both, there’s nothing more classic than a decision that celebrates color in all its glory. And a statement chandelier, of course. Just like the magnificent Brubeck Spiral!


Inspired by the famous John Coltrane, this modern and elegant wall lamp has two asymmetrical lamps of up and downlight creating a wonderful lighting effect with the gold and black contrast. Simple yet versatile, Coltrane is sure to impress in any setting. Dare yourself!


Center your retro-chic living room with a sober and provocative coffee table like Miller. Vintage pieces add character to a bare space in seconds and will continue to stand the test of time. It’s a kind of magic!


 Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part IV)


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