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Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part III)

Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part III)

They say that if you really want to know someone, you should start by their living room. There are so many ways to decorate this ‘personal temple’ and Covet House is here to spark some ideas for your home. Remember – a living room should always strike the perfect balance between comfort and style. Looking for inspiration? Look no further!


Luxurious center tables have the power to tie together all the decor elements in your living room, just like there was a story being told. The Eden Center Table uses the highest quality materials, giving them shapes that create a cosmopolitan yet artsy atmosphere. Because we believe interior design is the art of fulfilling souls with feelings and emotions.


Take a look at this ambiance and dive deep into the wonders of a distinctive take on interior design. An evocative of a fine jewelry piece, the Aquarius Center Table blends a certain delicacy with its contrasting strong character. Perfect for your contemporary living room.


If contemporary design has a true representation, then you might be talking about Luxxu. With this brand, luxury meets modern perspectives that are shaping trends all around the world. Luxxus language consists of timeless pieces that are bound to become amazing ambiances.


The creativity and rich decoration of the Versailles Palace contributed as inspiration for the creation of this exuberant armchair.  Suitable for living rooms, dining rooms or bedrooms, the Versailles Armchair embodies the true spirit of luxury design through a sculptural vision and irresistible details. Amazing!


Big things are accomplished only through the perfection of minor details. If you’re looking for a rug that yields kaleidoscopic color schemes, unexpected textural patterns and an overall feeling of avant-garde design, then the Lucy Rug is for you. An architectural experience right at your feet.


All good things are wild and free – that’s why Mother Earth is one of the most fascinating sources of inspiration you can think of. The Fitzroy Sofa is inspired by the spectacular wild scenery you can find in the mountains of Patagonia. Fully upholstered in cotton velvet and with a base in matte casted brass, Fitzroy reminds us that luxury is nothing but a state of mind and a path to the quintessential side of life.


An essential element of any room, the right lighting design is always key. With 110 pounds, the Matheny Round Suspension Lamp can be used in a modern living room or as modern dining room lighting. All in all, Matheny will certainly capture the attention of your guests. That’s guaranteed!


Minnelli Armchair is as versatile as it is customizable, making it possible to choose its soft fabric. You’ll find a beautiful velvet in its classical elegance, along with a comfortable structure in polished brass and walnut wood. We just love this mid-century vibe!


Discover How To Shape A Timeless Style In Your Living Room (Part II)


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