Burlesque Console Table: When the Design Goes Exotic and Mysterious

by Janet Morais

Modern and classic, two different styles, sometimes meet – the Burlesque console table, by Koket, is proof of that. Exotic and mysterious in equal doses, this beauty reflects the feminine side of design and gives you the chance to add a mystical vibe to your living room. Let’s have a look!

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Time for us to revisit the dazzling world of a French cabaret through the Burlesque console. The acrobatic loops and spins of the base, paired with black exotic skins and a black crystal on each one of the 4 drawers, exude the mysterious traits of a feisty diva.

The decor universe owes a lot to Koket, a brand that does never settle – now you see why. A living room is never complete without a powerful console like Burlesque, adding a new layer of magnitude and bliss to your home decor. With Koket, love happens.

Interior design is about a lot of things and the best part is that you can go against normal conventions and break standard boundaries with nothing but your desire. More than that, it is an emotional experience – products stop being products to become pleasures instead. Dare yourself.

As seductive as it gets, the Burlesque console table is like a statement – daring aesthetics, delicate shapes and ethereal textures. Glamour rules the world so when in doubt, go revolutionary. And be free, always.


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